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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

09/07/2013  75 members and land owners present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante.

Our September meeting was held at Cathedral Pines Campground during the Land owner and members picnic.

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • A get together for land owners and club members which was located on Site #1 off Eustis Ridge Rd was enjoyed by all.  I want to thank all the members that helped to put this event together by helping to set up and furnish the food, there was plenty to eat.
  • The club members thanked the land owners for allowing trail access to their property.  They were told that without their support there wouldn’t be a trail system like we have.
  • We are very sad to learn about Mike and Julie Ferguson resigning as president and vice president of the Rangeley ATV Club.  Both were very dedicated to the sport.
  • The next meeting will be October 13 at the Community Building at 10 am.  This will be our last meeting of the year and it’s also election of officers.  Anyone interested in running for one of these positions please submit your name and position wanted to Don Plante at 246-5946 or email at
  • One of the agenda items for the next meeting is buying more hats and shirts.  Color is also on the topics.
  • On the bridge across the North Branch, the only information that we have is that the I-beams are being fabricated and should be ready sometime this month.  More information will be presented as I get it.
  • From our membership person, Elaine Marcoux, we have 144 members.  She has also revised our membership form for next season.
  • The club welcomed game warden Scott Stevens for being present and his comments commending ATVers in our area.

Trailmaster Report:  Richard Smith

  • August 14th   I went to Barnard pond and replaced the bridge.
  • August 15th   I picked up planking on the Pines trail and cut cribbing for the Tea Pond trail.
  • August 16th   Ruthann and I brushed out the Bradbury Brook trail.
  • August 18, 19 and 20th   I took a telephone pole out to the culvert on Butler Brook and ditched and filled ruts.
  • August 21st   Don and Joe picked up and stacked the lift of lumber.
  • August 25th   Don, Joe and I put in 2 box culverts on Butler Brook.
  • August 27, 28 and 29th I did 5 sections of boardwalk on the Tea Pond trail.
  • August 30 and 31st   I finished the boardwalk and planking the bridge on the Tea Pond trail.
  • September 2nd   I took down all the signs on the Billion Pines land in the Nash Stream area. That area is now closed except for the main trail to Rangeley.

Final meeting for the year October 13, 2013

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