postheadericon MEETING 06/12/2011

Flagstaff  Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Nancy & Peter Wagner

1.) Presidents Report: Don Plante Email Out of Order

  • Meeting brought to order at 10AM with the Pledge of Allegiance
  • 19 members present
  • The club received thank you letters from both FABA and Sugarloaf for donations the club had made
  • There are 3 1/2 books of lobster tickets left.  The drawing will take place on Saturday PM at Family Fun Days
  • All members are encouraged to participate in the Fun Days Parade. The theme is Mardi Gras.  Dust off your beads, feathers and masks and lets all have a great time.  We will assemble at 10 AM at the CMP garage for a start time at 11 AM.  The club will also be offering our famous strawberry shortcakes as well as our mouth watering doughboys.  Both treats sell out fast so get in line early
  • July 27th is the date for the kids ride.  Drivers are to assemble at the parking lot in Eustis in time for departure at 9AM prompt.   The kids have to be back by 2 PM .  You are to bring your own lunch this year. The rain date for the ride is the 28th.
  • The Landowners Appreciation Day is set for September 10th.  We will have the same site as last year at site #1 at the Cathedral Pines Campground on Eustis Ridge Rd.  The menu this year will consist of chicken, ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers.  Our September meeting will be held at the picnic on Saturday instead of the next day at the Community Center as previously announced

2.) Vice President Sandi Isgro  Absent

3.) TreasurerBob Dennett  Absent

  • Bob was riding in the Tour De Cure for Diabetes in Kennebunk
  • Don reported for him the we are in good shape with all bills paid

Membership Secretary: Ruthanne Smith

  • At this time we have 222 paid members

Trailmasters Report:  Dick Smith

  • May 18,  19, 20, 22 Neal, Don and I checked out the trails and decided to close Bradbury Brook, Butler Brook, and End of Lake Loop for Memorial Day weekend.  As of now of the three, only End of Lake has reopened
  • May 21st Ray, Pete and Lee rode and cleared the Natanis Trail.  3 bridges need to be replaced
  • May 23rd I took the excavator to Bag Mtn and put in water bars and pulled rocks
  • May 24th I took the excavator to the Salt Shed trail and drained the abandoned beaver bog, put the big culvert back in, pulled rocks and did more drainage and water bars
  • May 25th I took the excavator to Caldwell Rd and back filled the road crossing and went to the parking lot and ditched the hill and filled the washouts
  • May 27th I took the excavator to the south side of  Tim Pass and fixed the washout with the help of Nils Bryant who then checked out the remainder of the Pass trail.  I also put in water bars to the top and cleared a parking area.  On the way out I picked up the big iron stove that had been dumped out there and took it to the dump.  Ray and Pete cleared bushes on the Natanis Trail 
  • May 28th Ray, Pete, Ken and Lee removed 10 large trees that had been blown down by the storm
  • May 29th Ray and Nancy, Pete and Edie and Ken and Tammy cleared water bars and directed the water to the side of the trail.
  • I signed some of the Moose Loop in the truck, then took the excavator to the Stratton intersection and fixed the washout.  I got a $20 donation from a rider for the club.  The front idler bearing ended up going.  The excavator is down at this time.  The idler is being rebuilt
  • May 30th Don tore up the spare boardwalk on the Pines trail, we can still make use of the lumber.  Ray, Pete and Lee cut up downed trees on the Natanis Trail
  • May 31st Don did some signing
  • June 1st Don cleared part of Bradbury Brook.  Don and I picked up a lift of lumber
  • June 2nd I delivered planking to the Natanis Trail
  • June 3rd Don, Ray and I replaced the snowmobile bridge on the Natanis Trail
  • Ruthann and I met with 4 people from Connecticut at the Cathedral Pines campground.  They were having a great time ATVing for the 1st time for 3 of them.  They loved our area and were thrilled to see moose on the trail, that was a priority of theirs
  • June 4th Don, Ray, Pete and I built 3 waterbar bridges wide enough for the snowmobile groomer on the Natanis Trial
  • June 10th Neil and I signed the Moose Loop to Rangeley and rode Tim Pass.  The trail to Alder Stream is closed.  The Penobscot forester says it was not him, I will contact AFM
  • June 11th Neil, Jeff and I put in sign posts and signed


The meeting adjourned at 10:55

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