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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Nancy & Peter Wagner

1.) Meeting brought to order at 10AM by Don Plante with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for those who have passed Al Briand and Gene Currie.   27 members present

2.) Presidents Report:  Don Plante

  • Club decided to send $100.00 to the Pine Tree Society
  • Town of Eustis passed a motion to purchase an electronic sign board to make announcements.   It will be in front of the town office to announce our meetings and other events
  • State of NH has passed  bill #366 which is a reciprocal pass to ride in Maine.  This will go into effect if Maine also passes a reciprocal ride bill.  Don will go to Augusta to push this with ATV Maine
  • ATV Maine is selling calendars again.  They are $10.00 each.  See or call Sandi at the The White Wolf Inn 246-2922
  • Stratton Fuel and Convenience Store is a new business member.  They have opened the gas pumps 24hrs, 7 days a week.  Stop in and check it out
  • The club decided to spend $80.00 to pay the town of Eustis  to pay for the hall where we hold our meetings
  • The club decided to spend $300.00 to support the Eustis Food Pantry

3.) Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • Plans are in the works for a Spring Kick Off of our Trails Memorial Weekend
  • We are asking all of our members to watch for sign damage, or missing signs on our trails.  Please report any damage to Sandi, Dick or Don
  • Family Fun Days June 30th.  The theme will be “The World Thru Laughter”
  • Landowners Club Picnic tentative Sept 8th

4.) Treasurer Report:  Bob Dennett

  • The club decided to transfer $2000.00 to the trail fund.
  • Jim Brochu has offered to allow Dick and Don to search the excess lumber at the office for usable lumber for the trails

5.) Membership Secretary: Ruthanne Smith

  • 101 paid members to date.  7 of which are sponsors.  This is great!! over half of our members have renewed before the snow is off the ground.
  • Last complimentary newsletter.  Please get your membership paid to continue your letters
  • I have deposited $2,035 since the membership applications went out a month ago
  • I want to thank all of those folks that gave donations of stamps and money to help with our expenses.  Every little bit helps
  • I do want to mention that those members wanting to read the newsletter on the website can usually find it within a day or 2 after our meetings.  Please know that it is not possible to send it to each personal email address.  It has proven too difficult in the past.  We appreciate your understanding.

6.)Trailmaster Report:  Dick Smith

  • First off, I have all the landowner permits that are due with the exception of one
  • I have an appointment on the 21st with the Penobscott nation for the return of the Snow Mtn Loop.  It looks good, the forester is in agreement and the council puts a lot of stock in that
  • I have asked Wagner for the snowmobile trail that travels along the south side of Kennebago Mtn.  It needs 2 culverts, which we have and the repair of a washout, I can handle that
  • I have asked Plum Creek for a connection between Tea Pond Road and Larrys Road.  This will require a bridge across Tim Brook and a permit from DEP.
  • I talked to Tom Dodd from AFM about 2 trail connections.  One is the trail between Rangeley and the Carrabassett Trail, approximately 2 miles.  Some excavator work will be needed and the other one is the snowmobile trail around North West Inlet.  I will also speak with Plum Creek about this
  • The excavator is set to go with a brand new paint job and oil change.  I am requesting a new seat for it!!!
  • I am going to change the oil in the Rhino and it will be set to go
  • I have new tail lights for the trailer and I will install them as soon as I can get it out of the snow
  • Tom is all set to go with the maps as soon as we have confirmation on the trails and our sponsors
  • We will need a lift of lumber as soon as possible
  • We received a call informing us along with the Carrabassett Club that we have been granted $8,900 toward the building of a multi use trail from Caribou Pond to Nash Stream.  It is TIFF money from the windpower grant

Meeting dates

April 15

May 20

June 10

July 8

August 12

September 8

October 14

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