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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

06/08/2014         20  members were present

Meeting was brought to order at 10 a.m . by President Don Plante with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report: Don Plante


    • Ride to Tim Pond is scheduled for Saturday July 12th rain or shine as always vehicles are o.k. for people that do not want to ride ATV’s. This is for lunch.  As of now we have 33 people saying they are going. I need numbers so I can call them.   Please call me 246-5946 no later then July 7th.
    • We have a second Club Ride scheduled for Saturday Aug 23th to Rangeley to go to
    • riding day with us.
    • Request was made to purchase three  6 ft folding tables to be used at Family Fun Days and Land Owner Picnic. Motion made and carried to purchase.
    • Received a Thank You letter from Sugarloaf Marathon Race Director for our donation.
    • Family Fun Days Theme is Disney Parade. This is 28th of June. Parade will gather at the CMP building at 10:00 for those who wish to participate.

Vice President Report: Sandi Isgro

    • No Report.

Treasurer & Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux

    • We are looking good so far this month compared to last year at this time. We have $1,300.00 more in our savings account.
    • Deposits were $1,188.00   Paid out:  Permit for Penobscot Nation $50.00, Donations $400.00, ATV of Maine Membership $1,360.00, State Annual Report Fee $50.00.
    • We did well at the May 24th Flagstaff tent sale.  We sold over $128.00 in clothes and we gave out two applications for memberships.  Last June we had 109 members, as of now we are up to 123 members.    Awesome Member   Thank You!!!    We will be having tables at the Family Fun Days Saturday June 28th.  Please stop by to say Hi and try our Strawberry Shortcake and Fried Dough.  Hope to see you at the next meeting July 12th on the Tim Pond Camp Ride.

Trail Master Report :  Joe Marcoux

    • Excavator is still in for repairs.   When we get it we will be working on fixing the bad spots.
    • Sparky from the Penobscot Nation has agreed to permit us the use of the a couple miles to make our loop around Tim Pass Loop. Only until Sept. 1st Monday Labor Day.
    • May 18th– Elaine and I worked the Lake Loop trail cutting trees 5hrs.
    • May 19th –Did signage 3 hrs.
    • May 20th-Carl and I did signage on the Tim Pass Loop to Turkey corner 5hrs.
    • May 21st– Don, Carl, Elaine and I did Tim Pass Loop, cleaned trail from a logging blockage 9hrs.
    • May 22- Carl, Elaine and I checked the Canyon loop, Swamp trail and Harris Pasture. Need to work on culvets in this area 3 hrs.
    • May25- Jeff, Joyce, Elaine and I road the Natanis trail. Hill is very rocky. Antler Hill was very very wet . We closed Bradbury Brook, logging still working in this area 9hrs.
    • May 31- Jeff, Joyce, Elaine and I cut trees again on the Lake Loop. Did signage, patched a culvert and cut trees on Butler Brook trail 5 hrs.
    • June 1- Don, Dick, and I did signage on the Sawyer Brook trail and Plum Creek Rd. 4hrs.
    • June 6- Don, Carl, and I put the new Brochu Bridge Sign up. 1 hr.
    • June 6- Don, Carl, Elaine and I did the bone yard trail to Carrabassett  Rt 27 trail, patched up a culvert, needs work on a bad rocky spot/bridge area. One bridge is flipped over. Need to widen bridge by  Rt 27th.    7hrs
    • June 7th– Carl and I went to Sawyer Brook and hand filled a ditch. 2hrs


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