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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

06/09/2013 21 members present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • August 10 ride to Tim Pond Camps.  Cost will be $10.   We will meet at 9 am at the Stratton Parking Lot.  We will continue to the Eustis Parking lot to pick up anyone that would like to meet us there at 9:30 am.  Meal will be at noon.
  • Motion was made and passed to donate $100 to Family Fun Days.
  • Don’t forget that Family Fun Days is June 29th.  The theme is Logging Days.  Get your ideas ready for decorating your ATV for the parade.  We will meet at the CMP yard at 10 and the parade will commence at 11.
  • Free yard sale set up at Flagstaff Fuel.
  • Motion made and passed to transfer $1000 to the trail account.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • No report-absent


  • No report-absent

Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux

  • 11 new renewals this month along with 1 new business and 1 new membership.  We are now at 109 members.
  • Marianne and Ruthann donated $95 from yard sales.  The club thanks you very much.
  • Our local businesses have sold maps for over $166.   Thank you very much to our sponsors.
  • We have collected over $330 for the Lobster Raffle.
  • The last sweatshirt has been sold along with a vest for $55.
  • The club has the following logo wear if any one is interested and will also be on sale at Family Fun Days.
  •  Hats @15, 1/4 zip sweatshirt @35, Vest @20, Green T-Shirts @15, Pullover sweatshirt @15.
  • The club will also feature Strawberry Short Cake and dough boys at Family Fun Days.


  • May 19th   Joe and Elaine Marcoux with Bob Dennett rode the trail from Stratton Powerline to the start of Carrabassett trails on rt.27. They fixed signs and cut branches. I worked with the excavator on the Natanis Trail along the river.
  • May 20th   I repaired the box culvert on the Stratton Powerline and put up Moose Loop signs. May 21st   Bob Smith, Joe Marcoux and I delivered stock for handrails to Brochu Bridge. I delivered planking to Natanis Campground for culvert repairs. Don, David Niles, Joe and J and I rebuilt Harris Pastures Bridge.
  • May 23rd   Don, Joe Marcoux, Bob Smith and I added handrails to Brochu Bridge. Then we went to Bugeye on the Natanis Trail and added a bridge and picked up the debris.
  • May 24th   I took the excavator to Bradbury Brook and cleared the slash from the trail. I then went to Bugeye on the Natanis trail and continued grading along the river. I worked with the snowmobile club and Jim Brochu and replanked the IP Bridge in back of the gas station.
  • May 26th   I went to Antler Hill Rd. and ditched and graded the washout area. I then went to Nash Stream on the Public Lot Rd. and set a culvert back in place.
  • May 27th   I went to the Green Gate Rd. and recovered 4 culverts, then replaced a rock that a jeep had moved to get onto the Tim Pass trail at the Tim Pond Rd. Crossing. I then went to the End of the Lake Trail and put in 2 pits and fixed the waterbars.
  •  May 28th   Bob Smith and I went to Barnard Pond and replaced the bridge on the road that goes to Sawyer Brook. I then went to the End of the Lake and Butler Brook, refreshed the pits and put in planking.
  • May 30th   I went to Split Rock Trail and fixed the truck stoppers and waterbars then pulled rocks on the trail beside the Saltshed. I then went to the Airport Rd. mile 2 and filled 2 huge holes that were shutting the road off.
  • June 1st   I went to Antler Hill Rd. and started making a path for us beside the washed out road that we will be using as of July 1st. AFM will start logging on July 1st and the road will be closed to us for the remainder of the season. We do however have permission to use Northwest Inlet again. I then put up NO VEHICLES signs in back of the Stratton Gas station as some trucks got in there and rutted it up badly. June 2nd   I went to the Stratton Trail behind the gas station, fixed the ruts and put in pits. I then went to the Dump Rd. and started filling and draining.
  • June 3rd   I went to the Brochu Bridge Trail and started filling and put in pits to keep the trucks out. I then took the excavator piston to Strong to have it rebuilt. Lee Morin fixed the box culverts on the Natanis Trail.
  • June 6th   I went to Sawyer Brook and brush hogged it and started on the Tim Pass Trail. I cut numerous blowdowns on the Eustis trail. Don made two trips to Bugeye to pick up debris to take to the dump.
  • June 7th   I went to the Tim Pass Trail and brush hogged it the rest of it to Sawyer Brook Rd.

Meeting adjourned 11.00 am

Next Meeting July 14, 2013

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