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Flagstaff Area ATV club Meeting


Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner


1.)  Meeting brought to order by President Don Plante ay 10AM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 17 members present

2.)President Report:  Don Plante

  • Don acknowledged Nancy & Peter Wagner for winning first place in the parade for best ATV
  • Jodi Caldwell won the lobster raffle
  • August 11th ride part of the Moose Loop Trail with 7 other clubs.  Ride starts in Rangeley at 8AM.  7 clubs will gather at Depot Street in Rangeley ride will end in Stratton (There will only be 10 miles of back tracking).
  • Signs on Eustis Ridge Road are being taken down by someone
  • It is illegal to ride from Porter Nadeau Road to the trail head
  • It is illegal to ride from the trail head to Rt. 27 or to ride on Rt 27
  • Legal to ride from Porter Nadeau up to the end of Eustis Ridge Road where trail begins.
  • Sept 8th Landowner thank you party.  All are welcome  Members and Landowners are welcome
  • Club Ride on new trail on August 25th, riders to meet at 8AM in the town parking lot across from theStratton gas station.  Ride will end with lunch at the White Wolf. Ride route to be determined.
  • A big thank you to all that helped on Family Fun Days
  1. 3.) Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro
  • I will be selling ads for the Mooseloop Map and The Black Fly Loop Map.  Ads will be $225.00  for 2yrs.  Your ad will appear on both maps and on the web site.  Contact me at 246-2922

4.) Treasurer Report:  Robert Dennett

  • All bills are paid
  • New membership stickers are in and they look awesome

5.)Membership Secretary :  Ruthanne Smith

At this time we have 219 paid members.
This past month the club has had many beautiful donations to be sold  thru “Eclectic Treasures” for the benefit of our trail fund. I want  to wholeheartedly thank everyone that has been so generous. It is  very much appreciated.
We have received 1000 new stickers and they are colored correctly. We
did business with the Maine Press from Rumford, I was very happy  working with them and would not hesitate to recommend them.

6.)  Trailmasters Report:  Dick Smith

·June 9th I went to East Kennebago and finished filling the washout. Ray, Pete and Lee brushed the trail to Natanis.
·June 12th & 14th I went to the Windmill Trail and graded and drained water as far as the Wall Rd.
·June 15th I went to the Antler Hill end of the Windmill Trail and drained and graded.
·June 16th Pete, Ray, Don, Bob Dennett, Joe Gallant, Bob Smith and I replaced the Optional Boardwalk in the Boneyard.
·June 18th I signed the Windmill Trail.
·June 19th & 20th I went back to the Wall Rd and graded the Windmill Trail.
·June 21st I delivered stock to the End of the Lake Trail for boardwalk and culvert repairs.
·June 23rd I went to the End of the Lake, graded, put in one box culvert and tried to put the bridge back into place.
·June 24th I did signing and checked Split Rock Trail. There are ditches and rocks but there is room for us ATV`ers to get around the end of the ditches. They were put there by the landowners to keep the trucks out.
·June 25th I repaired the broken boardwalk on the End of the Lake Trail.
·June 27th I went to the End of the Lake and pulled the bridge back into place. I also cleaned the debris out of the brook. I then drained water out of the Flagstaff Rd, End of the Lake Trail and put in a box culvert.
·June 28th I went to Big Sag Rd and covered 8 culverts and drained 4 waterholes. I then went to Tim Pass and ditched and renewed waterbars.
·July 1st Neal, Jeff and I signed and fixed 2 box culverts.
·July 3rd I went to East Kennebago Rd and put in a culvert.
·July 6th I went to the Butler Brook Trail pulled 1 crushed culvert and buried 6, then went to Green Gate Rd on Tim Pass Loop and put in  1 culvert and buried another.
·July 7th I went to Butler Brook and ditched.

New Business:

  • ATV Maine has not yet responded to complaints on the condition of the Safety Trailer that we borrowed.
  • New Town sign is on it’s way.

Next Meeting August 12



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