postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting-7/11/2010

July 11, 2010  Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner

1.) Meeting brought to order at 10AM by President Don Plante.  The meeting started with the Pledge of  Alligiance.  27 members in attendance.

2.) Presidents Report:  Don Plante

  • Family Fun Days –  Special thanks to the members that maned the club booths, Nancy and Ray Charest , Edie and Peter Manter, Phil Hill,   Jeff and Linda Bureau.
  • Thanks to Dick and Ruthanne for making our costumes.  We won a trophy for “Favorite” display and it is displayed at the White Wolf Inn.  Thanks to everyone for making the day a huge success.
  • Robin Cottle of Stratton won the Lobster Raffle.  Congratulations!!
  • There will be a meeting of the High Peaks Alliance and the area ATV clubs at the White Wolf on July 14th at 7PM  to discuss a connecting trail between the clubs and towns.
  • August 4th will be the kids ride.  We need 12-14 ATV’s with queen seats to be here to take the kids out on the ride.  Helmets are required.  Contact Don if you are available.
  • Motion made and carried to give the town of Eustis $50.00 for ink and paper used for newsletters
  • Discussion about a club ride.  Motion made to ride to Rangeley on August 7th.  The ride will leave from Pines Parking Lot Rain or Shine at 9 AM.  The next meeting will take place before or during the ride .  Restaurant for lunch to be announced.  (Most probably Parkside & Main)
  • On Saturday September 18 at Cathedral Pines Campground Site#2 there will be a Club Picnic and Landowner Appreciation Celebration.  All club member and landowners are invited.

3.) Vice Presidents Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • We have quotes on Liability Insurance from Cole Harrison Agency.  Membership made a motion & carried it to allow the board to make a decision this week.
  • Riders from PA thanked us for our work on the trails and allowing them to ride.

4.) Membership Secretary:  Ruthanne Smith

  • As of today our paid membership stands at 224.  Once again I want to thank everyone that has donated items for our “Eclectic Treasures” trail fundraiser.  I will remind everyone that this sale will continue thru October, any and all gently used or new items donated for sale will be very much appreciated.  You may drop off  items at the White Wolf and I will pick them up to be sold.

Treasures Report:  Bob Dennett

  • We have paid all bills up to date
  • Fund raisers and donations are welcome

5.) TrailmastersReport:  Dick Smith

  • June 15th Neal and I finished clearing the connector between Sawyer Brook Road and Black Mountain Road, a waste of time as they are now logging that section.
  • June 16th and 17th I took the excavator to Big Sag Road and put in 4 culverts and burried 11 more.
  • I replanked the big trailer and rewelded the fenders.
  • June 20th Don and I went to the ATV Maine meeting in Mexico.
  • June 24th and 25th I picked up a bunch of 8×8’s,  6×8’s, and 12×12 beams, 35 in all, delivered some of them to Tim Pass Bridge site.  I replaced decking and 2 beams on the Truck Bridge on Big Sag Road.
  • June 28th Neal, Jeff, Don and I signed the Tim Pass Loop
  • June 29h, 30th and 31st I graded and put in waterbars at Tim Pass.
  • July 1st I repaired the “optional” boardwalk on the Stratton Trail.  Someone had driven off  the side and broke it up getting their quad back on it.  Don repaired broken planks on the Pines Trail.
  • July 2nd I built a bridge at the base of Tim Pass.
  • July 7th I went to both ends of Tim Pass and put in Jeep stoppers.
  • July 8th and 9th I cleared the Tim Pass Trail of brush.
  • July 10th I signed Plum Creek Road.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30.


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