postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting – 4/11/2010

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting – 4/11/2010                                                                                                                         Authors Nancy & Peter Wagner 

1.) Meeting brought to order at 10 AM by President Don Plante  21 members in attendance  

2.) Presidents Report:   Don Plante

  • Opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcomed Neil Trask and John McCatherine from the Carrabasett ATV Club
  • Thanks to all who manned the club booth at the Wilton Sportsman’s Show
  • NOTE:  Next year we will need to have a raffle;  it seems other clubs are using it to cover the cost of the booth 
  • Lobster Bake raffle tickets are on sale.  Sponsored by the Lions and ATV clubs.  It is a good money maker for us.  $5.00  a ticket.  See any of us to buy one or call Don.
  • Family Fun Days June 26th.  Crew will be selling Strawberry Short Cakes and Doughboys.
  • Business Member-Arnold Trail Quality Fuel will be under new management, we will need to talk to the new owners about the trail.
  • Carrabassett Trail:  Carrabassett Club now has 12 members. We requested Alder Stream and Carrabassett Trail from the Penobscott Nation, we would like to transfer the Carrabassett trail to the new Carrabassett Club.  Motion made and carried to help the Carrabassett Club pay for the Carriage trail this year so that their club can pick up the mileage.  Dick and Don will go with Neil and John to the meeting in Old Town to help them with the process.

3.) Vice Presidents Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • We have had requests for extra large and small sizes of our vests.  Should we order more?  Motion made and carried to order a dozen vests and a dozen hooded sweatshirts.
  • A money maker for the club. There is an opening at the Eclectic Treasures for $10.00 a week.  Members can drop off items such as furniture, tools, dishes, pots, pans, handbags, crafts etc.. to the White Wolf anytime.  We will get it to Eclectic Treasures.  This is a great way to help the club and clean out our basements.  Motion made and carried to try it out.

4.) Membership SecretaryRuthanne Smith

  • 159 paid members
  • Chuck Estes, thank you for the generous donation to help with postage
  • Stickers came in and will be distributed in memberships

5.) Treasurers ReportBob Dennett

  • Excavator repair of $640.00 has been paid
  • Winch will be paid when the bill comes in
  • Side by side needs to be registered.  Don will take care of it with the trail fund
  • Insurance for club equipment is being sent out for bid
  • Thank you to Ron Francoeur for the donation of the lobsters to help our club

6.) Trail Master ReportDick Smith

  •  I have put up the stop signs because of mud with the tentative date for opening of May 28.  I talked to the Plum Creek forester and he will look at my request at the end of April.  Phil Hill is looking into getting us some metal sign posts.  We have the excavator back and I painted it.  I checked to see if the North Branch Bridge was closed and it was and I will check Brochu Bridge this afternoon.

7.) New business: 

  • Neil Trask gave us an update on the new multipurpose bridge to be built over the Carrabassett River
  • Barry Craft – We need to start thinking about our landowner’s appreciation picnic.  He offered to do a pig roast again.  Thank you.  Don will contact Cathedral Pines Association for a site for the picnic
  • Peter Wagner (Web Advisor) asked for pictures and any other items that anyone would like to put on the web site

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM

NOTE: This will be the last newsletter mailed to non club members

Next Meeting is May 16th









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