postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting-06/13/2010

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting 6/13/2010

April 14th, 2010 Author Nancy Wagner

1.)  Meeting brought to order at 10Am with the Pledge of Allegiance  by President Don Plante, 27 members present.

2.) Presidents Report:  Don Plante

  • The club received a thank you letter from Melody Chase,  president of FABA for our donation to Family Fun Days
  • Family Fun Day parade is June 26th.  The parade starts at 11AM, lineup will be at 10AM at the CMP building.  The theme this year will be ” God Bless America”.  Lets all show our spirit and decorate for the occasion. 
  • The raffle for the lobsters will be drawn that day.
  • The date of the ride for the kids from the Summer Rec Program will be Wednesday August 4th, rain or shine.  Show up at 8:30 for the 9AM departure from the Pines parking lot in Eustis.  They will get back to the club as to how many will participate.
  • The date for the next ATV Maine meeting is June 19th.  The location has been changed to the Masonic Lodge at Mexico.  Don, Dick and Bob will attend that meeting to discuss a 3 day permit for non resident riders.
  • Jon Roebuck from Life Flight did a very informative presentation.  It was noted that in 2005 there was close to a call a week for Life Flight.  After the meeting Dick and Neal planned on taking J.R. on a tour to 2 of the 4 landing sites that we have established.

3.) Vice President Sandra Isgro not in attendance

4.) Bob Dennett not in attendance

5.)Membership report Ruthann Smith

  • At this time we have 211 paid members
  • I would like to thank everyone that donated items for our space at the Eclectic Treasures.  I’m happy to report that to date we have made $177.05 toward our trail fund.  I also want to mention that our time at “ET” is a continuing project.  We will be there until the end of October, so we are still  looking for your donation of items to be sold.  If you have a gently used or new item to donate we would greatly appreciate your leaving it at the White Wolf for pick up.
  • Our last purchase of lumber showed an increase in cost. Things are starting to go up – not good news!!
  • Peter Wagner our new Web Advisor is doing a great job.  I think we can all agree that the site is looking great. People from away are checking it out and making inquiries.  Peter is very happy to respond and give them all the information they are looking for.  Thank you Peter, we really appreciate the time you give to our club.

6.) Trailmasters Report Dick Smith

  • After the last meeting Neal and I picked up the telephone pole that was donated to the club, put up a signpost at the End of Lake Loop.  Don checked and cleared the Carrabassett Trail.  I took  the excavator to the End of the Lake and ditched, drained and graded the trail.  I went to Sawyer Brook Loop (Alder Stream end) and ditched and graded the trail.  Neal and Jeff checked and cleared Antler Hill, Bradbury Brook (which we had to close because of Logging,) and the Stratton trail.  I ditched and graded down to the boardwalk on the Stratton Trail.
  • May 22nd Neal, Jeff,Birch, Mike Lee, Bob and I stared to rebuild the boardwalk
  • May23rd Neal, Jeff, Bob and I finished up the boardwalk
  • May 25th I opened the North Branch Bridge and cleared the trail into Hershals Gulch
  • May 26th I met with the Wagner forester and rode Tim Pass Black Mountain Trail.(a proposed new loop)
  • May 27th I met with Brian Mulligan the state trail coordintor, rode out to Tim Pass and he made recommendations on waterbars and a bridge.  I picked up 1/2 lift of lumber, Neal, Mark and I cleared and signed Sawyer Brook Loop.  Neal, Mark, Don and I repaired the boardwalk on Sawyer brook. (an uprooted tree picked it up and broke it)
  • May 30th Neal, Mark and I signed, hauled lumber and cut cribbing for boardwalks on the powerline.  Ray, Pete, Jeff and Phil cleared the Natanis Trail
  • May 31st Neal, Mark and I did sign work  and rode the Butler Brook Loop
  • June 3rd John, Neal, Gap and I of the Carrabassett Club worked on boardwalks on the powerline, we finished them on the 5th.  I delivered 2 more telephone poles to the Barnard Meadow, picked up 2 culverts from End of the Lake for Tim Pass
  • June 8th I took the excavator to the Bugeye boardwalk and cleared rocks and reshimmed.  I took the quad and cleaned up the old lumber from the boardwalk on the Stratton Trail and took it to the dump
  • June 11th  The Wagner forester called an said we could have Black Mountain Tim Pass Loop.  I took the brush saw and started clearing the trail.
  • June 11th took the excavator to the Black Mountain Road and fixed two culverts and started grading the trail.
  • June 12 Neal and I went to the end of Sawyer Brook Road and put in a box culvert.   Neal cleared with brush saw and I graded the trail.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting July 11

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