postheadericon AUGUST 2013 MINUTES

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

08/10/2013 approximately 40 members present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante

A impromptu meeting was held at the Tim Pond Camps before lunch for our August meeting.  Our meeting minutes follow:

  • Thank you to all for participating on our club ride to Tim Pond Camps  Approximately 46 people attended and had a wonderful lunch as usual.
  • Motion was made and passed to write a letter of support for the application for TIF funds requested by FABA.
  • Letter has been written and signed by the officers of the club stating that we are going into partnership with the ATSC on repair of the bridge crossing the North Branch River.  This is the ATV trail that goes to Natantis Campground and the ATSC trail that runs to the border.  This letter will be added to the grant for TIF funds that is being submitted by the snowmobile club.
  • Motion was made and passed to pay bill to ATV Maine for liability insurance on the club.
  • Motion was made and passed to transfer $1000.00 to the trail fund account
  • September 7th is the land owners and club picnic.  It will be held on Site #1 at Cathedral Pines Campground.  The site is located on Eustis Ridge Rd on the right hand side.  We will have hot dogs, chicken and spare ribs along with salads and desserts.  Lunch will be served around noon.
  • As of this meeting we have a total of 137 members.

Trail Report

  • July 14th   Lee, Ray and Nancy worked on filling washouts on the Natanis trail.
  • July 17th   I went up to Natanis and started ditching, draining and pulling rocks.
  • July 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st   Lee, Ray and I worked on filling washouts, ditching, putting waterbars and pulling rocks on the Natanis
  • July 25th   The Plum Creek Forester asked me to fix washouts and put in waterbars on the End of the Lake trail.
  • July 26th   I went to the Tea Pond trail and did 2 sections of boardwalk. I got a $100 donation for the club from Mike Wilson and family for assisting them on the trail.
  • July 27th   I worked on 1/2 of the Split Rock trail pulling rocks and draining.
  • July 28th   I went back to the Split Rock trail and redid waterbars and ditches.
  • July 29th and 31st  I graded and pulled rocks, put in 2 ditches and refreshed waterbars on the Eustis trail.
  • August 1st   I went to the dump road, filled holes and pulled rocks.
  • August 2nd and 3rd   I spread gravel on the Stratton powerline.
  • August 4th   I went to the Tim Pond end of the Split Rock trail and ditched, pulled rocks and put in waterbars.
  • August 6th   I put in a culvert on the Stratton powerline and Lee brushed on the Natanis trail.


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