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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner


Meeting brought to order by President Don Plante at 10AM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • Dick Smith went to a meeting in Rangeley for all the trail masters with the state representative
  • September 8th Club and Landowner picnic at Cathedral Pines at Site 1 all are welcome at 11:30
  • Sandy will get invitations to landowners for the picnic. The menu will consist of chicken teriyaki, BBQ ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers, beans, soda and coffee
  • No meeting in September, there will be a short one at the picnic
  • The last meeting will be in October.  Election of officers will be held, anyone interested let us know.  Membership secretary is retiring so we need someone to fill in that position
  • Thank you to Peter and Nancy for getting our newsletters typed up for us so fast! The membership thanks you
  • August 25th Club Ride “all are welcome” (rain or shine) leaving from the lot across from the gas station in Stratton at 8AM.  Lunch at the White Wolf.
  • License Plates for club members.  Club can buy any amount and there are no minimum charges or set up fees

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • Landowner gifts
  • Moose Loop Ad for 2 years $196.00 passed

Treasurers Report:  Bob Dennett

  • Motion made and carried to buy tires for the side by side
  • Motion made and carried to reimburse Ruthann for stamps
  • Motion made and carried to appropriate $2000 for the new tracks on the excavator
  • Bob recommended changing/upgrading our map
  • 1. Key for number intersections 2. Color Rte 16 & 27 to give reference points 3. Add other club names for connecting trails

Membership Secretary: Ruthanne Smith

  • As of today we have 229 paid members. I`m happy to say that I made a deposit on Friday totaling $414.90 from the sale of donated items out of “Eclectic Treasures” here on Main St. in Stratton. That total comes from the June and July checks. In June I also took in an additional $115 cash from my storage area before items even had a chance to reach the ” Treasure Shop”. So the final total for June and July was $529.90 deposited into our club account. We really appreciate all the items that have been donated and we thank you for your support in this effort. Every clean, unbroken item is another few dollars in the bank. Thank you again!

Trailmaster Report Dick Smith

July 8,9, 10 and 12th   I went to Butler Brook and Bradbury Brook, I cleared brush, graded and pulled rocks.

July 13th   I picked up 5 culverts and dropped them off at the Bradbury and Butler trails.

July 15th   I signed July 16th   I graded Bradbury where it parallels K&B Rd. July 17th   I walked the excavator a mile and 1/2 and took out the ragged culvert on the Bradbury, Butler trail. I then went to Butler Brook and fixed where the log culvert is, then went to the K&B parking lot and graded the 2 hills on that trail.

July 18th   I went to the trail at the end of the SFT rd., dressed up the trail and cleared the brook.

July 19th   I went to the top of Bugeye and tried to find enough dirt to fill in between the rocks, no dice.

July 22nd   Neal, Mark, Jeff, Don, Bob Smith and I went to mile 7 on the Airport rd and breached the beaver dam that washed out the road. With permission from the Game Warden, we put in pipes to keep the water level down.

July 23rd   I went out to the Boneyard and graded and pulled rocks. July 24th   I went to the Flagstaff rd. and replaced the bridge on the trail that parallels it.

July 25th   I finished nailing the bridge and cleaned up the debris. July29th   I took the excavator out to the top part of the Butler Brook trail and put in waterbars and graded. July 30th   I went to the other side of the Tim Pond rd. and graded and widened that part of the Tim Pass Loop.

July 31st   I took the quad and checked our end of the Carrabassett trail. It is still rough, some like it that way! August 2nd   I took the excavator and put in waterbars and filled holes on the Bradbury Brook trail.

August 3rd   I took the quad and the brush saw and went to the top part of the Butler Brook trail and brushed out the alders where it was tight. I then went to Alder Stream (Sawyer Brook Loop) put in a sign post then went to Tim Pass and put in another.

August 4th   I took the excavator to the Stratton trail and graded. August 7th & 8th   I took the excavator to the Windmill trail and started and finished grading the mud section.

August 9th & 10th   I went to the Antler Hill end of the Windmill trail and put in 2 pits to keep the trucks out and graded the trail. On my way out I fixed the washout on the Antler Hill Rd.


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