postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – October 8, 2017

Eighteen (18) members and guest were present. Meeting was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. By President Edie Dunlap with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report:  Edie Dunlap,

  • We have insurance thru ATV of Maine at a good rate with (2) two million liability and landowners are covered.
  • The second part of the grant will be submitted this week. Thanks to all of worked the trails and kept your record for us.
  • Skowhegan Saving Bank will be closing in Stratton office. We will be looking into moving our account.
  • Thank You to Joyce and Jeff Hamilton for purchasing a Frist Aide Box for the trail master when working on the trails and club rides.
  • Our Appreciation Membership Club ride was great, nice day, good fun and a nice barbecue on the Cannon Loop view. Will do this again for one of our club rides.
  • Motion made and carried to move our 2018 monthly meeting from April 8th to November 11, 2018.
  • Motion made and carried to donate $200.00 to the Stratton School PTC.
  • Board of Directors Lee Morin will accept another three years until 2020. President Edie Dunlap will stay on another year; Vice President Sandie Isgro will stay on another year. Treasurer and Secretary/Membership position are open (vacant), motion made to accept the three officers and table the Treasurer/Secretary/Membership positions.
  • Members please contact Edie Dunlap 207-643-2920 or Sandie Isgro 207-246-2922 if you could or help with these positions. Your trails depend on club members donating their expertise and help.   
  • HELP WANTED we are in need of a Secretary and Treasurer; we have a laptop, and printer/scanner/fax machine for the position. Please call Edie Dunlap at 207 643 2920.  

Vice Presidents Report:  Sandi Isgro,

  • You will all notice that the State of Maine has put up the new state signs.  No UTV’s over 60” aloud on the landowners trails.   The State has put these signs up per -request of the landowners not the club.  If we don’t follow the law we will lose more trails.
  • Great news – Saddleback has new owners and they are interested in ATV & Snowmobiling trails. We are looking forward to working with them.

Treasurer Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

Paid out this season

  • Let me start by saying we did very well this year again with our donations and memberships this is what keeps the club going without you this would not happen.   Many Thanks : )
  • We paid out $29,189.00 for ATV Me dues memberships, Land permit, Supplies for Secretary, Trail masters gas, equipment repairs, colored maps, bills (town hall, Regis ATV, website, liability insurance, PO Box, gift giving, trial work done, donations we made to organizations (11) and Trail Fund.

Deposits made this season

  • We made $21,210.00 from our membership dues, donation from members and guest, maps sold (558), Family Fun Day, Clothes, 50/50 Raffle, donations boxes (trail work) and first deposit of three on the grant.
  • Plus donations on a former member that Passed away last month in memory of Raymond A Thompson ($245.00). Club members Dave and Brenda Lachapelle made a donations.  Sorry for your loss Harriet Ryder.
  • We will be ending our year in good shape, if anyone would like to see or have question on the final report please feel free to call me 207-229-2055.
  • A special Thanks to All the Volunteers who helped worked the trails to make our landowners happy…
  • Winner of the 50/50 Raffle this meeting was Paul Ducharne.  The big winner for the large prize of gift cards to local Businesses (4) and ATV clothes was Dale Dunlap.

At this time I will be stepping down from Treasurer and Secretary Positions.  I will be available if needed by phone to help in any way I can with the new persons. I would like to thank you all for working with me and making my job easy as a Treasurer and Secretary. I have enjoyed it and will miss you ?

Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have 178 members this year.  Last year we had 182

2017: Senior – 49,   Individuals – 23,   Family – 76,    Businesses – 30

2016: Senior – 55,   Individuals – 22,   Family  – 71,    Businesses – 34

  • Map sales were great, Thanks to our Businesses!   A special thanks goes out to all the Businesses who helped the club sell our new colored maps and our donation boxes for trail work this season.   We sold over 558 this year at $4.00 making a total of $2,232.00.   The cost was $ 582.00 for 850 and a profit of $1,650.00.
  • We also collected over $241.00 for the two boxes for donations on trial work at Flagstaff General Fuel Station and Pines Markets.

These are the Businesses that sold maps for us: Pines Market, Flagstaff Fuel & Convenience Store, Boss Power Equipment, Rev-It-Up Sports, Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Lakeside Convenience, Cathedral Pines Campground, Tea Pond Lodge & Camps, White Wolf Inn and Spillover Hotel.

Thank You!!

Trail Master Report:  Joe Marcoux,

  • September 22 – Joe Joe G, and Elaine moved gravel and filled in holes off Rt 16 by Stratton Bridge.
  • September 23 – Joe, Jeff, Joyce and Elaine did ditching on the new bone yard, cut trees, and repaired boards on the Stratton Bridge.
  • September 23 – Lee, Art and Ray did prep work for gravel to be delivered.
  • September 24 – Joe and Carl did brushing and cutting trees on the Butler Brook trail.
  • September 25 – Joe, Carl, Dale and Edie did brushing and cutting on the Butler Brook trail.
  • September 26 – Joe and Carl loading all the material to work the Natanis trail.
  • September 26 – Joe, Carl and Dale took three landowners for a ride on the trails.
  • September 27 – Joe Carl and Bill L. went to Natanis trail and tore apart old bridge and started new one
  • September 28 – Joe, Carl and Bill L. went back and finish the new bridge on the Natanis trail.
  • September 29 – Joe and Carl went and replaced a new culvert on the Natanis trail to the wind towers.
  • October 6 – Joe went to do signage on a Butler Brook trail as the landowners will be doing work on it. (Brushing and fix the road).
  • All members are encouraged to take pictures of anyone on ATV’s destroying our trails or breaking the rules and send the picture to the warden service at  or call 1-800-452-4664.
  • As of today I was informed that Shane Spaulding Trail master Assist, will be stepping down this weekend. Thank You Shane for the work you have done on signages and trials.

Our trail system will be closing November 1, 2017.

Our  2018 season monthly meetings start April 8, 2018.

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