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postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes April 12, 2015

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes April 12,  2015

April 12, 2015,           21,   guest and members were present.

Meeting was brought to order at 10:00a.m. By Vice President Sandie Isgro with the pledge allegiance.  

Welcome all our Members and Guest.

Treasurer Report:  Elaine Marcoux

We are doing pretty well, so far. We collected over $2675.00 in dues (renewals) and over $540.00 in donations.  Plus postage stamps worth over $115.00.   We will be sending Don, Bruce, Joe and myself to the ATV of Maine Annual Banquet next week in Brewer, Me.  Cost was $60.00 plus gas.

Presidents Report:  Don Plante

No Report

Vice President Report:    Sandie Isgro

 Guest: Mike Ferguson

Gave us information on the closing of the trail from Rangeley to Phillips.  Camp 2 Trail rider will disband.  No Main St access to Rangeley Downtown, access only to Rangeley Inn Parking Lot.   Motion made and carried for FAATV to add 14 miles of trails to our system to connect Stratton/Eustis to Rangeley.

Guest:  Mike Lee V.P. Rep ATV Maine

Asking to host ATV of Me meeting. June 20th at White Wolf Inn, voted and approved, Saturday June 20th  meeting at 9:00, lunch at 12:00, club ride at 2:00 details to fellow.    Map System Trail/State Map with GPS info offer.  We passed at this time until our system is stabilized.

 Guest:  Warden Services/Scott Stevens.

New Position for the Warden Service to Rep the Landowners, is Rick LaFlamme.  The Landowners do not want to have any Dirt Bikes and Jeeps on their land. Please respect the Landowners wishes.  A $200.00 fine for trespassing,  and it’s a criminal offence .

Winner of the 50 /50  was   Dale and Eddie Dunlap.    Thank You all for supporting the club.

Trail Master :  Joe Marcoux   erm@myfairpoint.

Attending the meeting in Avon with Don on the Camp 2 Trail.   As soon as this snow melts and land dries up I will get out and start checking the trials. 


Membership Report:   Elaine Marcoux

We got 15 renewals and 1 new for our Business and 74 from our members bringing our total to 90 so far.  Last year we had 92 at this time.   I’m having a couple of problems with the renewal form.  Members do not understand it.   Out of State residents are not eligible for Associate Member. Plus our members think one Senior and one Associate Members in a family.  And if you belong to another club this club has to be in enrolled with ATV of Maine first in order for the Associate Member discounted is eligible for you form our club.  If we get our enrollment first, to ATV of Maine the discount for our member will not apply.

Our New Business membrs are Tea Pond Lodge / Sandy Lamontagne and Craig House welcome to our area and our club.

Next ATV Meeting is May 17th,2015

postheadericon ATV Trail Updates

The Camp 2 ATV club in Rangeley is disbanding and is so doing this there will be no ATV access on Main Street at all. Also at this time the Moose Loop is at a stand still untill a landowner problem gets resolved. The trail to Rangeley from Eustis or Stratton is still in effect but ends in the parking lot by Rangeley Inn.