postheadericon OCTOBER MEETING – 10/10/10

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting 10/10/2010

October 11th, 2010 Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner

1.) Meeting brought to order at 10AM with the Pledge of Allegiance by President Don Plante

  • 21 members present
  • Don gave thanks to the following:  Sandi, Peter & Nancy, Neal and Dick, Ruthanne for Eclectic Treasures, Bob, Don
  • Election of Officers:  motion made to keep the same officers motioned and passed
  • Appreciation Day was a success, voted to do it again next year
  • Tim Pond ride a great success
  • Check sent to Pine Tree for show for next year at Waterville
  • Club voted for meetings to be at the same time next year, 2nd Sunday of month at the Community Building
  • Toys for Tots successful, 339 machines, Dunkin Donuts donated 20 dozen donuts
  • Approval for Black Moose Run Loop, motioned and passed
  • Stratton Elementary School asked for sponsorship, motion passed for $100.00 donation for Christmas craft fund raiser

2.) Membership Secretary: Ruthanne Smith

  •  238 paid members
  • $351.00 into club account from Eclectic Treasures
  • There will be an indoor yard sale at the community Building sometime this Winter

3.) Treasurer’sReport: Bob Dennett

  • We are in the black in good shape with grant money still to come in
  • Motion made to order clothes for spring show

4.) Trail Master report: Dick Smith

  • Sept 15th I cut open the trail between the roads on Butler Brook
  • Sept 16th took the excavator to Butler Brook and pulled rocks, moved slash and graded
  • Sept 17th Neal and I explored Delaware Gap from the AFM side.  It was extremely difficult.  I have since found out that there is another old road, we will look at it
  • Sept 18th we had landowners appreciation day.  Forty eight people showed up with six landowners
  • Sept 19th I went to the powerline that comes into Stratton to change the trail to the new powerline
  • Sept 20th I signed Butler Brook
  • Sept 21st I pulled rock, put in waterbars and drained the big waterhole on the Stratton Powerline
  • Sept 22nd I finished pulling rock and doing waterbars on the Stratton powerline
  • Sept 23rd I delivered the telephone poles to the Butler Brook Bridge site
  • Sept 24th Neal and I put the poles in place and added the crosspieces to the bridge
  • Sept 25th Neal, Jeff and I finished the bridge on Butler Brook Loop and added more signs
  • Sept 27th I delivered planking and cribbing to the Butler brook boardwalk site
  • Sept 29th I brushsawed the trail to the boardwalk and delivered more planks
  • Sept 30th  I hauled cribbing and planks into the site
  • Oct 1st Neal and I built 64 ft of boardwalk
  • Oct 3rd I repaired the “Jeep Damaged” new bridge and dug jeep stoppers and put in waterbars on the Butler Brook Loop
  • Oct 4th I put ramps on the Butler Brook Boardwalk
  • Oct 5th I repaired 3 broken box culverts damaged by a jeep on the End of the Lake Loop
  • I want to remind riders that Alder Stream is now closed, the Natanis Trail will be closed at Bugeye on Oct. 30th.  All other trails will remain open until the first groomable snow.  The Rangeley Trails will close on Nov. 1st

Meeting adjourned   See you all next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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