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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner

Presidents Report: Don Plante

•Meeting was brought to order at ten am commencing with the pledge to the flag.

•Election of Officers:  All officers were unanimously re-elected for the up coming year.
•The terms for the Directors are as follows: Phil Hill 2015, Bruce Marcoux 2013, Peter Manter 2014
•Repairs of 3 bridges: Stratton Brook Bridge Concrete blocks were installed. Our share was 584.00 which we paid to the ATSC because they paid the whole bill. Brochu Bridge was redecked and our cost was 1461.20 which was paid to JL Brochu Coplin Bridge Rangeley paid for the concrete blocks and JL Brochu did the repairs.
•Motion made and carried to make a plaque in appreciation for donation of time and equipment & manpower on repairs of these bridges.
•This is our final meeting for this year and our next meeting will be March 10, 2013 ten a.m. at the Community Bldg.


  • All bills are paid.
  • Lot of  work was accomplished.
  • We’ll start next year after the grant comes in with enough money to do the spring work.


•September 11, 12, 13, 14th I spread gravel on the Stratton/Rangeley powerline.
•October 8th We did a ride with WSKI who is doing a video to play this winter on their TV show. There were ten riders and we rode for eight
hours photographing.
•The grant request has been sent in to Augusta.

• The work on the Brochu bridge has begun. A total of ten members from the •Snowmobile and ATV clubs worked on October Saturday 13th and accomplished approximately 2/3 of the job in one day.

Membership Report Ruthann Smith

We finished this year with 231 paid members. Our experience at “Eclectic Treasures” these past 3 seasons has proven to be very successful. Our 1st year we made $315.60, the 2nd brought in $327.95 and this year (still not finished) has made $850.95 to date, totaling $1494.50. I want to say thank you to Melody Chase for being so kind to our club by not charging us for the space we occupy at the shop. She has worked very hard in our behalf to make this successful for our club.
In light of our success due to your generosity, I will kindly ask you to remember us when you are cleaning out your attic or changing your styling. Every clean, unbroken item is very much appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful season and we`ll look forward to seeing you all next year.



$ 315.60


$ 327.95


$ 850.95
Total $1,494.50



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