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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

05/18/2014 25 members were present

Meeting was brought to order at 10 am by President Don Plante with the pledge of allegiance

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • Summer Rec program asked if we could do an ATV ride for the kids.  The club decided that a donation would be better since most club members live out of town and organizing a ride would be hard.  Motion was made and carried to give the program $300
  • Thank you letter was received from the Pine Tree Society for donation
  • Request for donation for Family Fun Days Motion Made and carried to donate $100
  • Ride an ATV for you age (posted by the State of Maine for for information)   Age 6 and under 70cc, age 12 and under 70-90 cc, age 16 and older 90cc  State law, no child under 16 yeas old can cross a road on and ATV.  An adult must take the ATV across.  This is State Law.
  • Member Kelsea Adams is planning a fundraising ATV Trail Ride from Natanis Point Campground on July 26 in honor of a local child who has be diagnosed with Krabbe Disease.  Contact her at 207-779-6203 or  Also posters have been circulated around the area.
  • The annual club ride will be Saturday July 12.  It will be lunch at Tim Pond Camps.  If your are interest, please contact Don Plante to let him know for a head count.
  • Discussion on a ride midweek was discussed. If any member is interested, please let Don know.  We would love to plan rides to meet our members needs.
  • Lobster Raffle tickets are out.  Please see any member to buy yours as they are going fast.
  • Dale Dunlap won the 50/50 raffle this month and donated the money back to the club.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • No Report

Treasurer & Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux

  • As for our checking account, we are ahead by a few hundred dollars from last year.  What we paid out in bills and donations was $531.oo and our deposits from membership dues and new line of clothing is $1085.00
  • We are doing very well with our new line of clothing.  Last month we sold over $200 and placed a new order from the last month meeting.
  • We got 3 new members this month and  one was a sponsor.  As of today’s date we have 110 members.  Last year at this time we had 96 members.  We are doing better so far this season.  We had 29 sponsors last year as of new we have had one cancel and 4 new sponsors making our total paid sponsors at 23.  We are mailing our 40 newsletters out of 109 members.
  • Want to thank all the renewals for rejoining again.
  • All packets are being mailed out around May 22-23……Ride safe and enjoy

Trailmaster Report:  Joe Marcoux

  • Gates to Brochu Bridge have been locked until official trail opening.
  • Plum Creek loggers had blocked Tim Pass Loop Trail.  We will work on this to get the trail opened this week.
  • Salt Shed trail bridge had been fixed temporarily with timers
  • Campground Trail to us has been cleared.
  • No work on the Tea Pond Loop
  • Kennebago Perimeter Trail had been turned down from Wagner.
  • Billion Pines closed section 20 trail
  • Excavator to be repaired this week
  • Tim Pass Loop has been cleaned up.
  • Looking forward to opening most of our trails by Memorial weekend.  UPDATE:  Trails will not be open until May 31.
  • Members please pass the word that no 2 wheel vehicles will be allowed on AFM or Plum Creek trails per landowner request.

Other Club News:

  • Ray Charest is in the hospital……………..Best wishes to Ray and please get well soon.
  • Oquossoc has formed it’s own club.  Please help support them and like their Facebook page.

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