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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

03/09/2014 20 members were present

Meeting was brought to order at 10 am by President Don Plante.

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • Thank you Dick Smith for all of your hard work!  Due to health issue, Dick is now the new trail advisor/assistant.  Joe Marcoux has stepped up to be our new trail master.
  • Don went to Rangeley to check on the excavator it has not been worked on yet.
  • All club memberships have been mailed or hand delivered.
  • Don contacted Rev-It-Up concerning Rangeley trails.  More discussion to follow.
  • Possibility of a club ride to Moose Alley for this summer was dicussed.
  • Lobster Raffle tickets will be sold to benefit the club again this year
  • Tim Pond ride was discussed.  A date for the lunch ride will be finalized later
  • June 28th is Family Fun Days  We will serve Strawberry Shortcake once again along with new sweatshirts, t-shirts, windbreakers, hats and vests.
  • Memorial Day events will be held at Flagstaff General Store on Saturday May 24th.  We will have a table with club membership and club items also for purchase.
  • The Club also voted to host a future ATV Maine meeting.  Date will be announced.
  • Club voted to make a proposal to the Penobscot Nation for use of the 2 miles of trail on their land.
  • Thank you to the Club for donations to the  “Toy Ride”, Christmas PTC Fair and the Lac Megantic Disaster Fund and Dick and Ruth Ann Smith.
  • The Club voted to rejoin the Flagstaff Area Business Association.
  • Voted also to pay the Town of Eustis for use of the hall and copying.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • Club voted to host Landowners Appreciation Dinner at Cathedral Pines Campground in September
  • 50/50 raffle.  3 tickets for $2.00 will be held at each meeting.  The winner of each of those meeting raffles will be put into a hat for a Grand Prize of a Gift Certificate from all the local businesses.

Treasurer & Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux

  • We are starting the year with approximately the same amount as last year.
  • Memberships have been mailed to over 163 renewals and invite letter on February 28th.  Don hand delivered 12 to local buinnesses
  • As stated in the invite letter I will mail out the Membership card, stickers and updated maps on the first week of May.
  • Our new clothes are in and selling very well with the local members.  We will sell them at monthly meetings and Family Fun Day in June.

The first renewal for 2014 came in on November 14, 2013.  As of today we have 40 members.  The breakdown is 3 new businesses, 5 business renewals and 32 membership renewals.  At the meeting 9 renewals came in to add to the total.

Trailmaster Report:  Richard Smith:

  • Due to the difficult winter I have experienced it is with deepest regrets that I have to step down from the Trailmaster position. I will however be on hand to do Landowner relations, maps, grant paperwork and anything else that does not require strenuous activity. I am looking forward  to a great season knowing that we all can work together to continue to make our club the success we have enjoyed in the past.


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