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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

3/10/2013  18 members present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • 2013 Meeting dates were set.  See the website page for the monthly meeting dates.  Don will also make sure that the electronic message board at the Community Building will announce the upcoming monthly meeting.
  • Flagstaff Fuel will have a Memorial Day kick-off on May 25.  The club discussed having a membership table and possible fried dough and yard sale at the event.
  • Family Fun Days has been set by FABA as June 29th.  Again we discussed having the annual Strawberry Shortcake fundraiser.
  • Discussion of having another ATV Maine Meeting this summer.  Motion was made and seconded to host meeting.  Don will check with ATV Maine when they have open dates.
  • Thank you to the FAATV Club from Stratton PTC for support of their school community.  Also Pine Tree Society for donation last year.  Motion was made and seconded to make $100 donation for this year.
  • FABA membership application was brought forward to join again this year.  Motion made and seconded.
  • Town of Eustis has been paid for our meeting space for our monthly meetings.
  • The Club voted to donate $50 towards the Personalized books for K-3 graders at Stratton Elementary School.
  • The excavator has been repaired and is ready for spring work.  $365.00 was approved to pay for the maintenance repairs.

Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux

  • 46 Memberships have already been received for $1900.00
  • Elaine has asked that your email address is clearly written on your application so that members will be able to receive the Meeting Minutes by email.


  • Bob proposed that sending only a year date to returning members instead of sending new membership stickers.  Peter Wagner volunteered to try using a P-Label sticker to see how it will withstand the wear and tear of an ATV.
  • Our treasury is approximately starting at the same as we have done in previous years. Bob reported that the Club is in good shape to start on the trails.
  • Discussion on changing the maps to include Rt. 27 and Rt. 16.  Dick Smith reported that the Route numbers are on the new maps.  Maybe upgrading the maps to include some arrows and directions to “Rangeley” and “to Carrabassett Valley”   Further discussion will follow.


  • I will start with work that I finished doing after I sent in the grant in October.
  • I spent 8 hrs on the Stratton-Rangeley powerline spreading gravel.
  • I went and signed the Natanis trail on the corner where some signs were missing.
  •  I was notified by AFM about the missing signs.
  • Don, David Nile and 2 of his crew and I put in 16 hrs dismantling and rebuilding the truck bridge on Kennebago Settlement Rd.
  • I went to Bag Mtn and rebuilt a broken box culvert.
  • I went to Coplin and with Mike Ferguson and Jim Brochu with his big excavator and releveled the truck bridge that was keeling over.
  • Don, Bob Dennett, Mike Cain I and Jim Brochu and 2 of his men and 4 members of the ATSC replaced the planking on Brochu Bridge. There was 16 hrs of labor per man on this job. Jim Brochu, 2 of his men and I and 4 members of ATSC replanked the IP
    Bridge in back of the Stratton gas station.
  • The 5 landowner permits that were due to expire have all been renewed.

The next meeting will be April 14th.

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