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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

07/12/2014         45  members and guest were present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante with the pledge of allegiance at Tim Pond Camps.

Presidents Report: Don Plante


  • Landowner Picnic is on September 13th.  Please think of food items to bring to the picnic.  We will have a sign up sheet like last year for those donating food items.
  • August 23rd ride to Rangeley.  I will need a head count by the next meeting which is August 10.  We will have to call Moose Alley to let them know about how many will be there.  Please call Don Plante at 246-5946 if you are planning to ride that day.  Will finalize the time and location for the next meeting.
  • The Club presented Dick Smith with a plaque of appreciation for the awesome job done and the many years of dedication to our trail system.  Dick will be missed enormously.  Also a gift card was presented to Ruthann and Dick.  Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Ruthann for the work she did with our paperwork.  Dedication like these two people has shown over the years is why the club is doing so well.  Other gifts were presented from friends.  The Smith’s were completely surprised and very thankful.
  • Motion was made and seconded to go half with the Lions Club to present a gift to Ron Francoeur who donates the lobsters for the raffle.

Vice President Report: Sandi Isgro

  • No report

Treasurer & Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux

  • We have 30 businesses and 107 members for a grand total of 137 members.  Last year at this time we only had 131 members.  At Family Fun Days we picked up 4 new members.  We are sending out 45 newsletters.  On the Tim Pond ride we got one new member and a business renewal.  Thank you all for supporting the club.
  • Last year we were better off financially but because of repairs done on the excavator which totaled $3875.72 we are down a bit.
  • We did awesome during Family Fun Days.  $1635.00 which is $150 more than last year.  The raffle brought in $750, French Fries $162, Strawberry Short Cake $345, Memberships and Maps $188, and clothing $190.
  • The winner of the Lobster was Madi Faraday from Carrabassett Valley.
  • Our ride to Tim Pond included 25 ATV’s.

Trail Master Report :  Joe Marcoux

  • June 25 – Carl and I put safety rails on Sawyer Brook trail bridge.
  • June 26 – Carl and I filled holes on Butler Brook trail at two bridges.
  • July 2 – Don and I walked Bradbury Brook after logging.  Trail needs a lot of work.
  • July 3 – Elaine and I checked other end of Bradbury Brook 6 ditches 2 need  excavator work. Drove to Kennebago Rd. to the end.  Per request of landowner did signage.
  • July 6 – Elaine and I cut trees on the Tea Pond Rd.
  • July 7 – Bob Smith and I removed culverts on Swamp Loop and on the Lake Loop cut a huge tree and repair a culvert.
  • July 8 – Bob, Carl, Don and I did some sloping on ditches and did signage.
  • July 9 – Carl and I worked on bridge ramps on Tim Pass Loop. Repaired a box culvert.
  • July 10 – Don, Carl and I ripped out half of the the boardwalk behind Don’s house and rebuilt the other half.
  • July 11 – Carl and I fixed and welded the small excavator trailer.  Targett Construction donated the welding and parts for the trailer.  Our many thanks to Ken Targett for his generous donations.

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