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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

07/14/2013 25 members present

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Presidents Report: Don Plante

  • A big thank you to everyone that helped on Family Fun Days.  You all did a great job
  • Elizabeth Remson of Good Dog Firewood won the Lobster Raffle.  Congratulations!
  •  Nancy and Peter Wagner along with Ollie LaChapelle won parade trophies.
  • We need a count for the Club ride on August 10 to Tim Pond. All ATV riders are welcome. The cost is $10 per person fee is for lunch.  Please call Don Plante at 246-5946.  9 am at Stratton Parking Lot and 9:30 in Eustis Parking Lot
  • Landowner and Member Picnic is September 7th at Cathedral Pines Campground.  Bob Dennett has graciously offered to be the “grill master” for the event.  We will have red hot dogs, pork ribs, split chicken for food.
  • A motion was made and seconded to donate $200 for “Bikes for Books” program.
  • Motion was made and seconded to send a $400 donation to the people of Lac Megantic.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • The 2013 Moose Loop maps are out,  We have had numerous request for maps from out of state riders.

Treasurer Report  Bob Dennett

  • We are doing pretty well for this time of year compared to last year.

Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux

  • We have 6 new members and 16 renewals for a total of 22 more memberbers from last month.  We are now at total of 131 members
  • 77 of these member are receiving the newletter by email.
  • All of our sponsors have renewed for another year.  Thank you sponsors!  We now have 29 sponsors and still checking on new ones.

Trailmaster Report:  Richard Smith

  • June 9th   Don, Marianne, Joe, Elaine, Bob, Sally and Joe Gallant rode Northwest Inlet and cleared brush and trees.
  • June 11th   I picked up the excavator piston at a cost of $348.95.
  • June 12th   I went to Brochu Bridge trail and graded and pulled rocks.
  • June 13th   Took the piston back to Strong to be rebuilt again.
  • June 15th   Neal and I guided 5 New York members, Richard and Barbara Blum and their 3 friends. They gave the club a $50 donation.
  • June 16th   Neal and I cleared blowdowns at Bradbury Brook and put up signs on Northwest Inlet.
  • June 20th   I took the excavator to the Tim Pond road crossing and filled the ruts on the Tim Pass Trail.
  • June 21st   I went to the Brochu Bridge Trail (SFT) and finished grading and ditching.
  • June 22st   Went to the Dump Rd and filled holes.
  • June 26th   I went to mile 6 on the Flagstaff Rd and graded. Don picked up debris on the Cathedral Pines Trail.
  • June 27th   I ditched the new snow trail off the Powerline to keep the ATV`s and trucks from using it. I started to fill the washout on the
    side road of Flagstaff Rd, mile 5. I signed the Flagstaff Bypass on the Butler Brook Loop. We are now using the road instead of the
    muddy bypass. Please respect this privilege.
  • June 29th was Fun Days.
  • June30th   I went to Butler Brook and smoothed the ruts on the mud trail. I then went to Nash Stream and reset a culvert. I got a call from a Penobscot Warden about a washout on the South Rd at Alder Stream. We went up and put up caution signs.
  • July 1st   I posted Antler Hill Rd CLOSED. I put in planks and ditched at Butler Brook.
  • July 2nd   Went out to mile 5 on the Flagstaff Rd fixed the washout.
  • July 4th  Neal and I closed the North Branch Bridge.
  • July 7th   I dressed up the washout at the back of John Morris`s parking lot and drained the water in the field. I then went to Nash stream the Shale Pit RD and buried a culvert.
  • July 8th   I went to Harris Pastures Rd and pulled rocks and graded. I told AFM that I closed the North Branch Bridge.
  • July 9th   I went to East Kennebago Rd and ditched, filled washouts and pulled rocks. Then went to Bradbury Brook Rd ditched and
    filled washouts.
  • July 10th   Went to Bradbury Brook put in planks and redug the pits. I picked up the hay.
  • July 11th   Don and I spread the hay on the mile 6 crossover trail on the Flagstaff Rd.
  • July 12th   I went to Natanis looking for a washout and found none. I then went to Tea Pond trail and replaced cribbing and planking on one section. I also filled ruts at the corner.
  • July 13th   I replaced cribbing and planking on the boardwalk of the Tea Pond trail. I then walked the excavator down the Eustis trail and pulled rocks.

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