postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting-8/7/2010

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting 8/07/2010

August 8th,2010 Authors Peter & Nancy  Wagner

A very informal meeting was held in the parking lot at the Pines prior to the ATV’s ride to Rangeley. 25 members present

1.) Presidents Report:  Don Plant

  • The Tim Pond Ride can either be on Sept. 11 or 25th.  Lunch is $12.00 Dinner 20.00  Looking for feedback from members
  • ? Do we need another canopy.  Motion made  and carried to buy another canopy for functions
  • We have 1/2 million dollar insurance coverage.  Nothing for speed events
  • September 18th is the landowners & members get together, site#2 on Eustis Ridge Road
  • Meeting on August 17th  High Peaks Alliance in Kingfield at the Herbert Hotel at 7PM
  • August 8th  Roxbury Best Management Practice Workshop 8-12
  • Stratton Rec Program is looking for donations for kids to go whitewater rafting. Cost $30.00  for overnight stay, rafting and pizza party.  A motion was made and carried to give the Rec Dept $250.00

2.)  Vice President:  Sandi Isgro    Absent

3.)  Treasurers Report:  Bob Dennett   Nothing to report

4.) Membership Secretary:  Ruthanne Smith

  • As of today our paid membership stands at 231.  I have to thank everyone that has donated items for our “Eclectic Treasures”.  I have held in reserve $40.00 cash that I will continue to search for items to purchase for resale.  Total profit for July is $216.40.  We will be continuing our sales efforts until mid October.  Remember, if you have any new or gently used items just drop them off at the White Wolf and I will pick them up to be sold.  Many thanks!!

5.) Trail Master Report:  Dick Smith

  • July 11th Ray, Pete, Phil and Jeff did signing on the Natanis trail.  Ruthann and I staked the Jeep stoppers on the Eustis trail and the Tim Pass Loop
  • July 13th I picked up 5 telephone poles and delivered them to Barnard Pond Rd
  • July14th I put the poles in place, 10 of them across the meadows and spread the cross members
  • July 15th I picked up a lift of lumber from Stratton and started planking the boardwalk at Barnard
  • July 16th I finished the planking of the boardwalk and graded part of the trail
  • July 19th I re-signd the Bridge Road, East Branch Rd. and End of the Lake.  Checked Bradbury Brook, it’s ok to  clear trail thru the slash
  • July 20th I graded the Tim Pond Road end and Sawyer Brook, and widened the corners of the bridge
  • July 21 and 22 I cleared a trail thru the slash on the bradbury Brook Loop.  The trail is now open
  • July 23 and 24 I graded the logging cut on the Tim Pass Loop
  • August 2nd I put in a culvert in the Tim Pass Logging cut and graded the entrance trail to Alder Stream
  • August 3rd I graded the short trail between the King and Bartlett Rd and Flagstaff Rd
  • August 4th I went to Jays pit and drained the water holes and graded and pulled rocks on the Eustis Trail
  • August 5th I went to the boneyard on the Stratton Trail and cleared rocks and graded
  • August 6th Don and I spread gravel on the Pines Trail

Web Advisor Peter Wagner:

  • Please continue to send any photos or info you would like added to the site

The Ride to Rangeley was a great success!!! There was 25 members in attendance.  85 miles of fun!! Great  food at the Parkside Main in Rangeley

Next meeting September 12th

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