postheadericon CLUB MEETING 09/10/2011

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Nancy & Peter Wagner

1.)Meeting brought to order by Don Plante President at Noon with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on 9/11

  1. Don thanked the land owners for the use of their properties, we would have no trails without their generosity
  2. Don read thanks from the Stratton Rec Director for the $245 for the rafting trip and $250 for the community center projector
  3. The club voted against renting the excavator for private jobs
  4. He mentioned that the next meeting in October will be our last meeting of the season and also the election of officers.  All present officers have expressed their willingness to serve another year.  Anyone wishing to run is encouraged to submit their name

2.)Vice President Sandi Isgro

  • Sandi will be going to the Kittery information center next weekend to promote ATVing in the area.  She will welcome anyone that might go down to relieve her for an hour or two.  Snacks will be provided.  All that is necessary is to hand out maps.   Please contact Sandi if you  have any more questions 207-246-2922

3.) The treasurer, Bob Dennett reported that we were in good shape as usual

4.) Ruthann Smith reported that our Club Membership is at 245 members

        I will be depositing another $80 from sales from the Eclectic Treasures shop in Stratton.  The shop has been very successful this season in allowing us to sell donated items to benefit our club.  Remember to drop off any items that you may want to donate at the White Wolf in Stratton

5.) Trailmasters report

  • Aug 19th I went to Bugeye and did 2 sections, then picked up 2 telephone poles and delivered them to the Flagstaff Rd bridge site
  • Aug 20th I went back to Bugeye and did 5 sections
  • Aug 24th I picked up a lift of lumber and delivered some to the Pines and Bugeye boardwalks.  I went back to Bugeye with the excavator and hauled the planking into the site
  • Aug 2th Don and I went to Bugeye and did 4 sections
  • Aug 26th I hauled cribbing into Bugeye
  • Aug 31st I took the excavator to Sawyer Brook Bridge site and pulled the boardwalk back into place and did a little clearing to the trail.  In the afternoon, I went to Bugeye and did 2 more sections
  • Sept 1st I went to Bugeye and did 3 more sections
  • Sept 2nd Pete, Ray, Lee and I worked on the Cathedral Pines Boardwalk, we did 5 sections.  I then went to Bugeye and hauled 2 loads of planks.
  • Sept 3rd I went to Bugeye and hauled cribbing into the site
  • Sept 4th I went to Bugeye and did 3 more sections, then went out and put up Caution Horses signs on the trail from Eustis to the Pines Market
  • Sept 7th I went to Bugeye and hauled in planking and widened the boardwalk for the snowmobile groomer
  • Sept 8th  Neal Blaney and I  went to Bugeye and did 5 sections, then went out and took down the Butler Brook closed signs
  • Sept 9th Neal, Pete, Ray, Lee and I finished Bugeye boardwalk

The next meeting will be October 9th

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