postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – July 9, 2017

Meeting was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. By President Edie Dunlap with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report: Edie Dunlap,

  • We have been approved for municipal grant that we applied for from the state. Our submitted grant was for $30,155.84 and we will receive 70% of that amount – $21,105.00 as long as we complete the work that we put the grant in for.
  • Club ride to Tim Pond will be Saturday July 15; we have over 45 signed up to go rain or shine. All meet at the Eustis Parking by 8:45.  We will leave at 9:00a.m.
  • Club ride to Rangeley Red Onion will be Aug 19th. Choice of 5 lunches. Price is $14.00 = 12.00 for food and 2.00 for tip.  This ride is about 2 ½ to 3 hours out and back, plus about 1 ½ at Red Onion.  Count on about 8 hours.   This is a rain or shine ride and you may drive by vehicle.  Please call Edie Dunlap at 643-2920 before August 12th.
  • Still thinking of a foliage ride in September and asking members for suggestions.
  • We have a request from the Mason’s for the Bikes for Books. Motion carried for $200.00
  • New trail on Perry Rd went to the selectman’s meeting June 20th with info for a possible new trail around the landowner that had closed his trail to ATV’s… Wanted to keep the distance from the cemeteries as far as possible to help eliminate some of the noise of wheelers. The presentation was agreed from the selectman as we got our new trail. It was worked by trail master and volunteers and opened June 27th.
  • Paperwork from CMP for trail use license will sign and return.

Vice Presidents Report: Sandi Isgro,

  • Moose trail is open, new Maps are out.
  • Saddleback Mt has been purchased. We hope to have a connection for ATV’s and Snowmobiles.

 Treasurer Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have spent this month from Trail Fund $1,044.79, for half load of lumber $646.00, Screw (300) $ 398.79. BAL on fund is $318.47.   From checking acct we have spent, $2,911.57,   ATV Me dues $260.00, Regis for two ATV’s $68.00, Stratton Rec. Ice Rink Fund $200.00, Trail Fund $2,000.00,
  • The deposits were $1,608.00,   $827.00 Family Fun Day.   $85.00 donations, Clothes $20.00, Memberships $676.00.
  • The Family Fun Day was a good one again this year.  We sold all the Lobster Raffle tickets $750.00,   Fried dough and French fries, $345.00, Strawberry shortcake/water  $ 196.00,   Membership $ 120.00,  Clothes $ 81.00,   50 / 50 Raffle $35.00,   Maps $8.00,   Total was $1535.00   for this year.  The Lobster raffle had been deposited each month making our total $750…  Last year was $1567.00,    $32.00 difference. Still did an awesome year for our only fund raiser. Great job to all the volunteers and donations.  Thanks!!
  • Our sponsors/businesses have bought and sold over 300 maps from us bringing our total to $1,200.00 so far. A Hugh Thanks goes out to Boss Power Eq., Cathedral Pines, Chamber of Commerce, Flagstaff General, Frechette’s, Lakeside Store, Pines Market, and Rev It up Sports, Spillover, Tea Pond and White Wolf.   
  • 50/50 Raffle was won by Dale Dunlap $12.00 he gave it back to the Club Thank You Dale.

Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We are doing well this season we are up to 160 members so far.
  • Last year we had 165 members.   We are sending out 46 news letters to members.
  • As of now we are in need of a Secretary for the club, this position is a lot of fun and great members to speak with and hang out with.  If interested please call Elaine Marcoux 207 229 2055, or Edie Dunlap 207 643 2920?

Trail Master Report: Joe Marcoux,

You will all notice that the State of Maine has put up the new state signs.  No UTV’s over 60” aloud.  The State has put these signs up not the club.  If we don’t follow the law we will lose more trails.     

  • June 22 – Joe, Carl and Joe G.  Worked on over laying the bridge on Lake Loop.
  • June 26 – Joe and Carl made a bypass trail around a landowners trail that is closed now that is on the towns of Eustis land off the Perry Rd.
  • June 26 – Joe and Carl repaired and made drainage on the Lake Loop. Shane put up new signs.
  • June 27 – Joe and Carl did drainage on the Natanis trail, Shane did signage
  • June 28 – Joe, Carl and Joe G.  Repaired a boardwalk on the Natanis trail.
  • June 29 – Joe and Carl, drained water holes on Natanis trail, and removed close signs to open Quill Hill trails.
  • June 30 – Joe and Lee repaired culverts and worked on drainage on the Natanis trails.
  • July 7 – Joe did signage Eustis around Perry Rd.
  • July 8 – Joe did signage in the gravely pit and cut a tree on new trail.
  • All members are encouraged to take pictures of anyone on ATV’s destroying our trails or breaking the rules and send the picture to the warden service at  or call 1-800-452-4664.

Next month meeting is Sunday August 13th, at the Community Hall in Stratton at 10:00 a.m. Please join us.

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