postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – August 13, 2017

22 guests and members were present. Meeting was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. By President Edie Dunlap with the pledge of allegiance.

 President’s Report:  Edie Dunlap,

  • Club ride to Tim Pond was great we started out with rain for the first hour then the heat came and the sun in the afternoon. Food was great and Staff was awesome. We had 34 riders and 20 machines.
  • Club ride to Rangeley Red Onion will be Aug 19th. Choice of 5 lunches. Price is $14.00 = 12.00 for food and 2.00 for tip.  This ride is about 2 ½ to 3 hours out and back, plus about 1 ½ at Red Onion.  Count on about 8 hours or so.   This is a rain or shine ride and you may drive by vehicle.  Please call Edie Dunlap at 643-2920 before August 15th. We will be calling Red Onion with head count Tuesday.  Be at the Eustis Parking lot by 8:30 and we leave at 8:45 a.m. Or meet at the intersection 17 at 9:15.(Salt Shed)
  • Still thinking of a foliage ride for September 30th Sat. and asking members for suggestions. Members voted to do a picnic on the Cannon Loop view site. More info at the next meeting on September 10th.
  • Stratton/Eustis Rec Program is asking for a donation to provide field trips, beach trips, plus free breakfast, lunch and snack for the kids. We usually donate $200.00 a year, motioned and carried.
  • Toy Ride WMCA was asked for donation, $100.00 motioned and carried.  If you want to go it will be Sept 9th Saturday, meet at the Whistle Stop in Farmington between 8:00 and 9:00. Ride goes to Jay and back with a Bar Q including, you need to register first. All that is required is a donations for toys.
  • HELP WANTED we need a New Secretary and Treasurer for 2018 year. Please consider it and contact Edie for more information 207 643 2920.

Vice President’s Report:  Sandi Isgro,

  • You will all notice that the State of Maine has put up the new state signs.  No UTV’s over 60” allowed on the landowners trails.   The State has put these signs up per -request of the landowners not the club.  If we don’t follow the law we will lose more trails.

Treasurer’s Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have spent on bills and donations were Bikes for Books $200.00, ATV ME dues $150.00, Repair Kubota $478.47, Peerless Liability Insurance $568.00, Atlantic Coastal Printing 100 maps 68.58, Gas for Trail master and assistant $393.89. Total was $1,858.94.
  • Deposits were $1443.52. For memberships, maps and trail donations boxes and regular donations…

Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

  • We are doing well this season we are up to 173 members so far. Last year we had 173 at this time.
  • We are sending out 51 newsletters.

Trail Master’s Report: Joe Marcoux,

  • 7/18 Joe build a ramp for the cement bridge and repaired holes on the Stratton trail.
  • 7/19 Joe and Carl repaired board walks on the Lake Loop.
  • 7/20 Joe and Carl drained water holes on the Lake Loop.
  • 7/21 Joe tried to undue a Beaver Dam on a bridge per Landowner and Game Ward on the Harris Pasture.
  • Lee, Ray, Art has been working the Natanis trails clearing trees, widening trails, repair bridge, fill in mud holes.
  • Shane has all the new intersection 5 inches numbers done.  Also did brushing on the Butler Brook Trail.
  • All members are encouraged to take pictures of anyone on ATV’s destroying our trails or breaking the rules and send the picture to the warden service at  or call 1800-452-4664.
  • Next month meeting is Sunday September 13th, at the Community Hall Stratton at 10:00 a.m please join us.

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