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postheadericon CLUB MEETING 09/10/2011

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Nancy & Peter Wagner

1.)Meeting brought to order by Don Plante President at Noon with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on 9/11

  1. Don thanked the land owners for the use of their properties, we would have no trails without their generosity
  2. Don read thanks from the Stratton Rec Director for the $245 for the rafting trip and $250 for the community center projector
  3. The club voted against renting the excavator for private jobs
  4. He mentioned that the next meeting in October will be our last meeting of the season and also the election of officers.  All present officers have expressed their willingness to serve another year.  Anyone wishing to run is encouraged to submit their name

2.)Vice President Sandi Isgro

  • Sandi will be going to the Kittery information center next weekend to promote ATVing in the area.  She will welcome anyone that might go down to relieve her for an hour or two.  Snacks will be provided.  All that is necessary is to hand out maps.   Please contact Sandi if you  have any more questions 207-246-2922

3.) The treasurer, Bob Dennett reported that we were in good shape as usual

4.) Ruthann Smith reported that our Club Membership is at 245 members

        I will be depositing another $80 from sales from the Eclectic Treasures shop in Stratton.  The shop has been very successful this season in allowing us to sell donated items to benefit our club.  Remember to drop off any items that you may want to donate at the White Wolf in Stratton

5.) Trailmasters report

  • Aug 19th I went to Bugeye and did 2 sections, then picked up 2 telephone poles and delivered them to the Flagstaff Rd bridge site
  • Aug 20th I went back to Bugeye and did 5 sections
  • Aug 24th I picked up a lift of lumber and delivered some to the Pines and Bugeye boardwalks.  I went back to Bugeye with the excavator and hauled the planking into the site
  • Aug 2th Don and I went to Bugeye and did 4 sections
  • Aug 26th I hauled cribbing into Bugeye
  • Aug 31st I took the excavator to Sawyer Brook Bridge site and pulled the boardwalk back into place and did a little clearing to the trail.  In the afternoon, I went to Bugeye and did 2 more sections
  • Sept 1st I went to Bugeye and did 3 more sections
  • Sept 2nd Pete, Ray, Lee and I worked on the Cathedral Pines Boardwalk, we did 5 sections.  I then went to Bugeye and hauled 2 loads of planks.
  • Sept 3rd I went to Bugeye and hauled cribbing into the site
  • Sept 4th I went to Bugeye and did 3 more sections, then went out and put up Caution Horses signs on the trail from Eustis to the Pines Market
  • Sept 7th I went to Bugeye and hauled in planking and widened the boardwalk for the snowmobile groomer
  • Sept 8th  Neal Blaney and I  went to Bugeye and did 5 sections, then went out and took down the Butler Brook closed signs
  • Sept 9th Neal, Pete, Ray, Lee and I finished Bugeye boardwalk

The next meeting will be October 9th

postheadericon Club Meeting 08/14/2011

  • Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting


Authors Peter & Nancy Wagner

1.)  Meeting brought to order with the Pledge of Allegiance by President Don Plante at 10AM 11 members present

2.) Upcoming Events

  • August 27th Tim Pond Ride.  Meet at 9AM at the Pines Parking Lot.   For reservations  call Don Plante.   
  • September 10th Members and Landowners Dinner.  All are welcome at Noon at Cathedral Pines Site 1
  • The September meeting will be held at the Landowners Dinner

3.)Presidents Report:  Don Plante

  • Ruthanne Smith membership secretary going in for surgery tomorrow
  • Don Marcoux’s wife is in the hospital
  • Don Laplante’s wife MRI for knee, possible surgery
  • Bruce Marcoux is also g0ing for an operation
  • Al Briand is in recovery and doing well
  • We wish you all well and a quick recovery!!!!
  • Letters read from Joe Roeback appoligizing for digging up our trail
  • October meeting will be the election of officers.  Please let us know if anyone wishes to run
  • Insurance for our equipment- motion made and carred to pay for it

4.) Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro

  • We will be handing out club information & Mooseloop Maps at the Kittery Info Center. September 17th &18th,  this will be free to the club. ATV Maine’s Safety Trailer will also be there.  If you can spend 2-3 hours on either day to man the booth. Please contact Sandi 246-2922

5.) Treasurers Report:  Bob Dennett

  • The club sponsored 14 kids for the Stratton Rec Program.  Thank you everyone
  • All bills are paid to date

6.)  Membership Secretary:  Ruthanne Smith

  • 241 Paid members
  • $103.50 deposited from Eclectic Treasures  Thank you

7.)  Trailmasters Report:  Dick Smith or

  • Transfer $1000.00 to trail account for lumber – motion made and carried
  • July 14th I went to Tea Pond and got their landowner permission slip
  • July 15th I took the excavator to the middle part of Tim Pass Loop and pulled rocks, filled divets and widened the waterbars.  Don and I then loaded planking for the Pines Boardwalk
  • July 16th Don, Pete, Ray, Bob Smith and I started repairing the Pines Boardwalk
  • July 20th I took the excavator to Bradbury Brook and pulled rock. filled voids, ruts and a washout halfway through
  • July 21st Don and I picked a lift of lumber.  I then went to the lower part of Bradbury Brook, filled ruts and made waterbars
  • July 22nd Neal, Mark Mercer and I cleared trails of blowdowns and signed
  • July 23rd Neal, Mark and I went to Tea Pond and redid the deck on the bridge to satisfy the forester.   Then we went to put in signposts and signs
  • July 24th Neal and Mark cleared Antler Hill and Bradbury Brook of downed trees.  Ken Targett delivered 4 loads of gravel to the trail across from Pines Market.  Cathedral Pines was kind enogh to spread it.  We thank them
  • July 7th Don and I cut cribbing for the Pines Boardwalk.  It is in really bad shape
  • July 28th Don and I started the rebuilding of the Bugeye Boardwalk
  • July 29th Don, Pete, Ray, Phil, Lee and I worked on rebuilding the Pines Boardwalk
  • August 3rd. I took the excavator to Sawyer Brook Road and backfilled the washed out culvert
  • August 5th Neal, Mark and Jeff Mercer and I cut and cleared Coyote Alley in Alder Stream and explored Delaware Gap for the last time.  It is a NO GO!
  • August 6th I took the excavator to TIm Pass Loop to fix the washed out culverts and the washout and fixed the brook and the bridge.  I put barricades and ditches to keep the riders out of the brook
  • August 11th I took the excavator to the Pines Boardwalk and cut cribbing and did 2 1/2  sections
  • August 12th Pete and I did 5 more sections of the Pines Boardwalk
  • August 13th I did the Sawyer Brook Loop and put up more signs and cleared foliage from older signs

8.)New Business

  • Mooseloop problems, signs fading to white
  • Reported that someone drove off Brochu Bridge, we know you can’t do that.  Don will investigate to find out what really happened.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30

postheadericon CLUB MEETING 07/10/2011

Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

July 10, 2011

Authors Peter and Nancy Wagner

1.)  Meeting brought to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 10AM 17 members present

2.) Presidents Report:  Don Plante

  • Family Fun Days was a success for the club.
  • Thanks to Ray & Nancy, Pete & Edie, Neil & Lorraine, Dick and Ruthanne and Phil , we appreciate your hard work
  • Congratulations to Nancy and Peter for winning best ATV in the parade
  • July kids ride will be on July 27 with a rain date of July 25th watch the weather. Ride leaves Pine Parking Lot at 9Am and the kids have to be back at 2.  Bring your own lunch and helmets will be provided to the kids and members should also wear their helmets.  Any member wishing to give a child a ride please call Don Plante at 246-5947
  • Club ride to Tim Pond Camps for Lunch will be August 27th.  Turkey Pot Pie for lunch $15.00 per person.  All are welcome please contact Don Plante 246-5946 if you would like to attend
  • Motion passed and  carried to donate $250.00 to the Rec Program for a projector
  • Membership voted not to do Pine State Show this year we will revisit it next year

Membership Secretary:  Ruthanne Smith for club questions or

  • We have 230 paid members at this time
  • New E-mail

Treasurers Report:  Bob Dennett

  • All bill are paid to date
  • Will transfer $1500.00 to trail fund for work and supplies on Cathedral Pines Boardwalk

Trailmaster Report:  Dick Smith for club question and information or

  • June 16th Don and I rebuilt the 32′  boardwalk on the Natanis Trail and delivered planking on the Natanis Trail
  • June 17th Ray, Pete, Lee and I replaced a 16′, 10′ and 6′ bridge on the Natanis Trail
  • June 21st Don checked out Bradbury Brook and decided it was ok to open it
  • June 24th Neal and I checked measurements for the bridge on Tea Pond Trail and put up a Moose Loop sign on the Plum Creek Road
  • July 1st I rode the Butler Brook Trail, opened it and put in sign posts.  Richard and Michael Korhonen and Mike Thompson repaired broken planks on the Pine Boardwalk

July 4th Don and I put a 20″ culvert donated by Andy Brann of Absolute Services on the Tea Pond Trail.  Don Posted signs at Chuck Estey’s brook crossing, 2 kids had torn it up with ATV’s

  • July 5th Don and I picked up 4 telephone poles at CMP
  • July 6th I took the excavator to the Tea Pond Trail and started clearing the slash
  • July 7th I delivered beams for a bridge on Tea Pond Trail and continued clearing slash
  • July 8th Neal and I repaired 4 broken box culverts destroyed by a truck on Eustis Trail
  • July 9th Don, Bob Smith, Pete, Phil, Jeff Bureau, Neal, Jeff Mercer and I built a 12′ bridge on the Tea Pond Trail and finished clearing the trail.  We then went to the Pines boardwalk and cut cribbing to prepare for rebuilding it
  • There is now a trail open to the Trails End Steakhouse in Eustis, they’re looking forward to serving ATV riders


  • New Business:  Sandi Isgro Vice President
  • 300 Moose Loop signs are out on the trail, thank you trailmasters and signers
  • Something to think about, we have the opportunity to pass out information at the Kittery information booth.  Do we want to do this??
  • Suggestion to recognize members for 5 yr, 10yr etc..
  • Don will discuss “right of way” pedestrians and ATV on the boardwalk with the Cathedral Pines Ass.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10AM

Next Meeting August 14th