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You can get the latest maps at  The Pines Market, Cathedral Pines Campground, Fotters Market, Northland Cash Supply and The White Wolf in Stratton, Maine. As always you may send $4 to request one by mail. Our mailing address is P.O.Box 553, Stratton, ME 04982.

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  • Keith Hedlund:


    I’m planning a trip to the Rangeley Lakes area next month and will be taking a dual sport motorcycle. It’s a little difficult for me to determine if some roads are open to me or not. I figured I should ask the experts.

    I’m looking to take Kennebago Road from Route 16, south of Stratton all the way to Route 27 north of Stratton. The road I’m looking to take comes out on Route 27 and is marked “JP Co Private Road” on Google Earth. Do you know if this road is accessible?

    Any help you can give is appreciated.


  • Peter:

    Sorry most of our trails are on paper company land and no 2 wheel vehicles are allowed.

  • Tami:

    Why is that two wheel dual sports aren’t allowed anywhere? This is getting to be ridiculous. While I will respect the land owners right to choose it just seems like a dumb decision. We don’t chew up the land anymore than 4 wheelers and probably burn far less hydrocarbons while having twice as much fun. I refuse to get a 4 wheeler, at least until my knuckles start to drag.



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