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postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2017

Twenty (20) members and guest Mike Lee from ATV Me. were present. Meeting was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. By President Edie Dunlap with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report:   Edie Dunlap,

  • Award was given to Don Plante in appreciation for his hard work done in the club for the pass 11 years.  A card was giving with gift cards valuing $200.00 was presented to him with applause and THANK YOUS.
  • Our Club ride to Rangeley Red Onion was a great day with 33 people and 16 machines. Weather was very nice and the food was good. Members got to see the new bone yard trail that we have been working on this season. The Bone Yard is not a bone yard ANYMORE. We just had to cut a Hugh tree to get back home on the Billion Pines trail that Beavers put in our path.  The trail master got his chain saw working and the club member’s help moved the wood out of the way so we could continue on our ride…
  • Our foliage club appreciation ride will be Saturday, September 30th  a rain date will be Saturday, October 7th. The Club will provide burgers, hot dogs and rolls; you just have to your drink, chips, and your chair. Club ladies can call Elaine 229-2055 if you want to bake some cookies, brownies or fudge. If you will be joining us please call Edie at 207 643 2920 NO LATER than September 23rd. Saturday.  Meeting at Eustis Parking at 9:45 and leaving at 10:00.
  • We sent out our Landowners Thank You Magnets Saturday.  One Landowners seen to like them.
  • The first money installment has been received. Thanks for all the volunteer help!
  • Liability Insurance needs to be purchased. We were presented with two options. We have decided to go with ATV Maine Insurance for this year.
  • Motion made and carried to pay for Director or Alternates to go to ATV ME meeting mileage and lodging if necessary.
  • HELP NEEDED   Sept 22 to 29 to finish work on the Butler Brook Trails for our grant. Call Joe 602-8166
  • HELP WANTED we are in need of a Secretary and Treasurer; we have a laptop, and printer/scanner/fax machine for the position. Please call Edie Dunlap at 207 643 2920.  

Vice Presidents Report:  Sandi Isgro,

  • You will all notice that the State of Maine has put up the new state signs.  No UTV’s over 60” allowed on the landowners trails.   The State has put these signs up per request of the landowners not the club.  If we don’t follow the law we will lose more trails.

Treasurer Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

  • Deposit was membership – $155.00, donation – $39.00 and maps – $220.00. Total was $414.00.
  • Checks made were Jordan Lumber for chain saws – $175.78, hose from Kubota – $57.15, ordered maps – $102.86, trail master gas – $141.76, J.L.Brochu – $2,420.00, donation toy ride – $100.00 and Stratton Summer Rec.- $100.00, gift to Don Plante for his many years of service to the Club – $200.00.  Total $ 3,297.55

Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have 177 members so far this year. Last year at this time we had 176 members.  We are still doing great for the year.   Thank you to all the members; you are what the club is today.
  • 50/50 Raffle last month winner was Lee Morin – $10.00, and today our winner was Bruce Marcoux – $18.00.
  • Over 13 Club members joined in on the Toy Ride in Farmington to Canton yesterday, was over 125 machines and up to 200 people that bought toys and donated money told toys for the WMCA Toy Ride with a Bar Q after.  We had a great ride and lots of fun!

Trail Master Report: Joe Marcoux,

  • August 14, 15 – Joe and Dave worked on repairing a boardwalk on the Lake Loop.
  • August 16, 17 – Joe and Carl finish the boardwalk on the Lake Loop. Open up a blocked culvert on the Natanis trail.
  • September 2, 3 – Joe and Jeff cleaned out a culvert in the new bone yard trail that the water is overflowing the trail. The beavers are plugging it up. Cut a large tree in the trail to quill hill from beavers blocking our road trail.  Back a second day and the culvert is half plugged up again.
  • September 7 – Joe meant with Mr. Cedric Pepin, will be grading the Natanais trail the week of September 12th to 15th.
  • Jimmy B will be bring 4 loads of gravel on the trail off Rt 16 by the dump to fill holes and fix the trail from trucks using it this spring, plus build a ramp by the bridge.
  • All members are encouraged to take pictures of anyone on ATV’s destroying our trails or breaking the rules and send the picture to the warden service at  or call 1800-452-4664.


The next monthly meeting is Sunday, October 7th, at the Community Hall in Stratton at 10:00 a.m.  Please join us it is our final meeting of the 2017 season as we will have elections for officers.