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postheadericon October 26th Trails Update

All Flagstaff ATV Club trails will close December 1st or after the first inch of snow.

postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – October 9th, 2016

Twenty seven (27) guest and members were present. Meeting was brought to order at 10:00 AM. By President Don Plante with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report:  Don Plante,

  • Thank You to all the volunteers, Trail master and helpers for all the work they did on the trails. They were great!  Thank You.
  • Thank You also for all those that baked and cooked to make our landowners Picnic a success.
  • Fayette Crossroad ATV Club has disbanded because they could not get any more than 5 miles of trails. They donated what was left in the treasurer funds of over $8,000.00.  We want to thank you deeply and will give free membership for one year to all there members for the year 2017. We are very sorry this happened and are grateful for your donation.
  • Brian Bronson from Land and Parks State of Maine came here to inspect our trails and we have a lot of trials and work to need to be done. Our corporate landowners are looking very hard at our trails and we have some major work that has to be accomplished or we could lose them. Our grant will not cover the cost of these repairs so we must look farther into Tiff and Municipal grants.
  • We received our certificate of liability INS so we are set on this.
  • Stratton School PTC Christmas Fair motion and made to donate $200.00
  • Paid Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club half the cost of the new box velvet Bridge to Quill Hill $700.00.
  • Thank You from the Dempsey Center for our donation of $150.00
  • Removal of our signs NO MOTORCYCLES doesn’t change anything. These signs are put up per landowners directions and we will keep putting them up unless directed to do otherwise by landowners.
  • Bridge has been repaired to Rangeley.  Thank You to Mike& Julie Ferguson of Rev it Up Sport Shop and a friend of theirs.  Plus our volunteers Joe, Carl, Jeff, Shane and Don.  The Club wants to Thank Mike and Julie Ferguson owners of Rev it up Sport Shop in Rangeley for their outstanding support of our club as business members.  They have dedicated much of their valuable time working on repairs of trails and bridges on our trail system. The repairs of the bridge going to Quill Hill were finally completed thanks to the work accomplished by Mike and Julie with their excavator. Their time and equipment was valued at $725.00 they donated this to club.  Words cannot express how grateful we are!  We need to continue to support each other as much as possible doing ATV and snowmobiling season.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro,

  • Canine Companions / Lions Club Stratton motion and made to donate $100.00
  • A donation of an ATV was made to the Club from Sandi Isgro.  We want to thank Sandi for this great donation and will be put to good use by our volunteers working the trails.
  • Lobster Raffle from Lions Club and Flagstaff Club has to delivery items to the winner, the cost of gas to go gets these items and deliver was approved $132.52.
  • Motion Made and Carried to authorize Joe M. to go buy a trailer to haul our equipment to the work place on the trails.  And authorize to give the trail master .60 cents per mile for travel connecting with our club. Also authorize to buy a generator to power the screw gun on trails work $200.00
  • Officers —stay except the president position.  The club tabled the election of this position until March 2017 meeting.
  • Raffle 50/50 winner was Joyce Hamilton of $14.00, thank you to Joyce for donating the money back to the club.
  • The grant price for the season of our 50/50 raffle was Nancy Charest the price was over $100.00 of donation of gift cards from Flagstaff Fuel, Stratton Plaza, Trails Inn and White Wolf Inn. Plus item from the club.
  • Officers elected — President:_________ ,    Vice President:  Sandie Isgro,      Treasurer:  Elaine Marcoux,     Secretary:  Rosemarie Spaulding,    Board Directors: Bruce Marcoux (2019),  Lee Morin (2017),  Phil Hill (2018),  Trailmaster: Joe Marcoux,    Assististant Trailmaster:  Shane Spaulding /Carl Dahms.

Treasurer Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

         Paid out this Season:

  • Let me start by saying we did very well this year again with our donations and memberships  and want to Thank you to all our members, we appreciate you supporting the club.
  • We paid out this season $8,858. this was for ATV Me dues, land permit, bills, (town hall, state tax,, website, liability insurance, ATV Maine insurance, registration for rhino, trailers,supplies, stamps, envelopes, gas trail master) donations made to organizations, trail fund (Don Plante).

         Deposits made this Season:

  • We made $18,380. These deposits were from membership’s dues, donations, sales on maps, fund raisers and 50/50 raffle, clothes and our grant money.
  • We are ending our year in good shape this year, if anyone would like more info on our status on totals please feel free to call me anytime and I would be more then happen to speak with you and answer any questions.  Call 207 229 2055.
  • Thank you and have a safe and warm winter and hope to hear and see you next season.

Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have 182 members this year, last when we ended our season we had 162.  Business was 34, Families we have 71, Individuals are 22,  Seniors are 54.  Total money collected was $5,815.00.  We had 34 new members this year 5 business and 29 regulars. I would like to share a little history on the club membership.  October 2013 we had 145 members, October 2014 we had 150 and October 2015 we had 162.  So we are doing very well this year with 181. I would like to thank all the members for supporting this great club. At this time I want to say thank you to all the members I spoke with over the phone, email, meetings and on the trails you made my job easy and you all are awesome members and will miss that in the years to come.  You will all be fine and do great with Rosemarie our Secretary / membership lady. She will be great and do a fine job for the club.
  • On our Maps we sold over 425 bringing our total to$ 1,281.00.  Plus we made over 180 maps for our members.  We averaged this year on making over 650 maps.  Below you will see this list of Business that sold maps.
  1. Pines Market
  2. Flagstaff Fuel
  3. Boss Rangeley
  4. Rangeley Chambers of Commerce
  5. Cathedral Pines
  6. Rev It Up
  7. Fotters, Natanis & Tea Pond
  8. Looney Moose and White Wolf

I would like to buy a little heaver weight paper for the maps next year 1 rem has 500 in it so I am thinking  two would work the cost would be under $30.00 to $40.00 a rem.  And whenever I need to make maps I would bring our own 11 X 17 paper with me to make maps and take it back home when done.  We made over 650 maps this year for members and business to sell.

Trail Master Joe Marcoux Report,

  • September — Carl and I moved dirt and rocks on the Stratton power line by the bridge. Jimmy Brochu put over 6 loads of dirt by the bridge, we moved rocks, filled holes, and filled ditches.  Still have a few more hours left.  
  • September 25th — Carl, Shane, Jeff, Don, and I plus Mike and Julie Ferguson and a friend of theirs help built a box velvet bridge on the Rangeley trail to Quill Hill all day. Pictures on our website.
  • Carl and I did check out Trailer places we have to prices one is Roadway utility trailers for a 7 x 22 feet and will hold Rhino and Kabuto $3,550.00. Was motion and made to buy it.
  • September 30th — Brian Bronson from the State came to help us figure how we can work with the landowner (AFM) on how to keep the land in good condition. He drove the trails with Don and me to come up with a plan so we can still keep these trails. Intersections 4, 5, 6 and 7 next spring will be permanently closed to ATV’s per the landowner AFM. Also known as the Airport Rd. other sections of our trails are being looked at also. Will update you all in the spring of 2017.
  • Club authorizes the treasurer to pay all bills associated with the Bone Yard excavation work that will begin at the end of Nov not to exceed $5000.00.

Thank You, Elaine

Our next meeting will be March 12th 2017 Sunday at the Community Hall in Stratton at 10:00a.m.  This will be our first meeting of 2017.  Hope to see you all and have a safe and warm winter.

postheadericon Rangeley Snowmobile Bridge Built

Flagstaff ATV club members and Rangeley area business men build a new bridge for the clubs to ride safely again. It’s on the trail to Quill Hill (Rangeley Trail).