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postheadericon Trails Open May 28th Per Landowners

Pines Boardwalk trail is CLOSED and a new one has been made and signage is up and marked.

Quill Hill owners has it gated and will open July 1st and will be charging $5.00 per ATV and $10.00 per Vehicles. For all ATVs – we ABUSE IT, we LOSE IT!

postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – May 15th, 2016

29 guests and members were present. Meeting was brought to order at 10:00a.m. by the President Don Plante with the pledge of allegiance.

Presidents Report: Don Plante,

  • Memorial Weekend May 28th Saturday ATV Club members have a table at the Flagstaff Fuel selling T-Shirts and Hats, Membership, Fried Dough, 50/50 Raffle and others things.   Please stop by and say Hi and enjoy the goodies we have.
  • Quill Hill will be gated starting July 1st.  There will be a $5.00 charge for ATV’s and $10.00 per Auto vehicles.  This is to help with the upkeep of the road. Remember! Abuse it and we Lose it!
  • Family Fun Day is June 25th Saturday the theme this year is The Old Days. Don’t forget to deck out your ATV and join the parade.
  • Club motion to paid Stratton Summer Rec Program $200.00.
  • Tim Pond club ride with be Aug 13th Saturday rain or shine. Will update next month on times and place.
  • Tea Pond club ride will be July 16th Saturday rain or shine.  Will update next month on place and time.
  • Our Annual Landowner/Member Cook Out will be on Sept 10th Saturday at Site O at Cathedral Pines campground.

Vice President Report: Sandi Isgro,

  • We are in negation with the landowners on the Rangeley side to reopen that section of the Moose Loop. We hope to have an answer by the 1st of June.
  • Thanks to all the members who have sold their Lobster Raffle tickets!  Please get money and ticket stubs to Don Plante  A.S.A.P.

Treasurer Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • Paid out   1280.00  ATV ME dues,  Indian Permit 150.00
  • Deposits  2,815.00  memberships
  • We are doing very well for the beginning of our season.
  • Passed out new Maps to local Business and have collected 270.00 so far.
  • We have 200 hundred maps going to Business in the Rangeley area.
  • Motion made and passed to put $2000.00 in the Trail Fund.

Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux,

  • We have 122 memberships; we had 111 last year at this time.
  • We have 20 Business renewed and still waiting for 15 more.
  • All 122 packets for renewals and new members were mailed May 13 Friday with the new map and stickers.
  • 50 / 50 Raffle was $18.00 won by Joyce Hamilton.
  • We are still in need of a Secretary. If anyone would like to volunteer with great people and a lot of fun please call Don Plante 246-5946.

Trail Master Report: Joe Marcoux,

  • April 30 Carl, Jeff, Joyce, Don and I made the new trail around the Pines Boardwalk.
  • May 10 Joe G cut a tree in the road on Plum Creek Rd.
  • May 11 Joe G, Carl, and I did signage and brushing on Butler Brook trail and Lake Loop Trail.
  • May 12 Joe G, Carl, Jeff, Joyce, Elaine and I worked all day doing brushing on the Butler Brook Trail.  Still have another day or two of work on that trail.  And checked Bradbury Brook, will need work but passable.
  • Spoke with Johnny Morris Friday morning and he is going to speak with his officers so we can get our meeting done next week and hopefully rebuild the Butler Brook Bridge.
  • Mr. A. Brochu called me about Quill Hill he has changed his mind and will be starting this July 1st on charges to go up to Quill Hill $10.00 for Auto and $5.00 for ATV’s.
  • Mike Ferguson will be calling me when he wants to start the Rangeley Bridge and will be splitting the cost of the material.
  • Members concerned for signage on Tim Pond Rd about trails closed until May 28th and are using the road.   We will post it No ATV’s.
  • Had the Rhino serviced at Rev It Up couple of weeks ago. It needed a complete turn up (face left).  Brake shoe, brake line, wheel bearings calipers, oil job, etc.  Total was $1,140.00.
  • Officer Scott Stevens thanked the club for all the work that we are doing to help enforce the laws.
  • Trails open May 28th per all Landowners. Enjoy, have fun, be Safe and be Respectful of their Land or we lose IT. Thank You!

See you all on June 12th at the Community Hall at 10:00 for the next meeting.