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postheadericon IMPORTANT Quill Hill Scenic Lookout Notice

The landowner of the Quill Hill scenic lookout is against ATV’s but has given us permission to use his access road to the lookout area as long as we abide by his request which is 15 MPH, NO SPIN and vehicles have the right of way.  If the landowner’s request is not honored the access road will be CLOSED completely.  “ABUSE IT WE LOSE IT”

postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – October 11th, 2015

We had 18 guest and members were present for the last meeting of the season.  The meeting was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. By President Don Plante with the pledge allegiance.   


Treasurer’s Report:  Elaine Marcoux

Let me start by saying to all club MEMBERS and SPONSERS.  Thank You for your support to the club this year we had a great year and it’s THANKS to all of you.  We hope to see you all again next year.  Your support is what keeps us going strong.  Our donations to organizations, Dues and Insurance ATV Me. Was $3,675.00.  Gift, Trail master (gas, supplies), Membership Rep (postage, envelopes, labels), Trail Fund, was $3,317.00.  Total bills paid out, website, hall rental, regis, taxes, permit, tools, picnic, repairs, mgtATVMe, equipment was $ 17,340.00.  Collected Funds, Memberships, Sales, Donations, Family Fun Day, Maps, Clothes, Raffles, Grant, was $ 24,011.00.  If you would like more info on the Treasurer Report please call or email me.

Yes we have already received our Grant for this year.  $ 7,500.00.

Motion made and carried to pay our website carrier for our posting theses past 8 months $ 93.75.

Donation from Breezy Acres of $200.00 for a donated gun case that fit on Polaris Machine. It was given to the Club for raffle.


President’s Report:  Don Plante,

Trails stay open until groom able snow or landowners request them closed. Check out our website.

Thank You all Landowners Corporate and Private!  Without you we would not be here.

Thank You to All who helped with the picnic, the food was awesome and so was the fellowship.

Bridge off Rt 16 taking you to Quill Hill is in need of repair and we offered to help the Rangeley Snowmobile Club to fix it.

Motion made and carried to join FABA.   $100.00

Motion made and carried to table an advertisement in the New Visitors Guide.

My thanks go out to Joe and the members that worked on our trails this past season your dedication is well appreciated.

Election of Officers, Board of Directors, President, Vice President, Treasurer/Membership Rep, Trail Master.  All presently serving were reelected.  We are still in need of a Secretary for the Club, please contact Don Plante.                                            


Vice President’s Report:    Sandie Isgro,

Black Fly Loop will be open this winter. Present landowners of Saddleback have given us permission to use this new trail to get around the closed portion.

Moose Loop / Black Fly Loops purchased 3’ signs for the trails.  These signs say Respect our Landowners or Loose Trail.


Membership Report:   Elaine Marcoux,

We did awesome this year we have 162 members, last year was 149.   We have 32 Businesses, 52 Seniors, 62 Families, and 16 Individuals.  In 2013 we had 27 members that didn’t renew, in 2014 we had 26 that didn’t renew, in 2015 we had 24 that has not renewed.   We got 35 new members this year.

Next year I will be sending out the renewal forms and invitation letter the last week of March 2016.  I will send all the packets out the third week in May after we update our map. Reminding everyone on the vote in Augusta that our renewal form will not have the associate membership on it next year.   

Thank You All for a great Year and have a safe and great winter, see you all in the spring.  

Our raffle for today was won by Maryann Plante, she donating it back to the club.  Thank You Maryann.

Congratulation to Eddie Manter the winner of the season raffle.


Trailmaster’s Report:  Joe Marcoux,

Sept 15, 16, Carl, Joe G, repaired the boardwalk toward the boneyard.

Sept 24, Joe G, and I worked on the powerline in Stratton moving rocks and fixed water hole.

Oct 10, We went out and put number stickers on most of our intersection signs.

Spoke with Mr. A Brochu again about Quill Hill, the club will still have access to Quill Hill for one more year 2016 as long as we respect the landowner’s property and the road to the top  NO SPINNING OUT on the road.


First meeting will be on March 13, 2016 at the Community Hall, in Stratton at 10:00 a.m.

Make your calendars for the first meeting, as the invitation letters will not be out until the last week in March.