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postheadericon Trail Alert

Riders using the Quill Hill trail to the scenic lookout please respect the landowners request by traveling the posted 15 mph speed and not to spin tires.

postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – September 12th, 2015

Presidents Report

  1. Thank you all landowners, club members and guests for coming today. To the landowners, the club wants to thank you for allowing us to use your land for our trail system. Without your consent we wouldn’t have a club or the trail system that we have. We want to thank the Rangeley landowners for their quick transfer from Camp 2 to the Flagstaff Area ATV Club. If any problems occur on your land or you feel a need to talk to us please don’t hesitate, we are at your disposal. My phone # is 246-5946, I’m the President and Joe Marcoux is our Trailmaster cell# 602-8166
  2. I’m still keeping track of the hiking trail being planned through our area, so far no new news. I still want to stress that this could impact our merchants depending where a trail will be constructed. These hiking trails are a non motorized trails and could affect ATV`s and Snowmobiles.
  3. I was planning on relinquishing my position as President but under further evaluation and members talking to me I will be putting my name back in for another year. This does not stop anyone from applying for this position or any other officer’s position in our club. Next month is our final meeting for the year and it is also election of officers. If you feel you can help the club in one of these positions please submit your request.
  4. I talked to Cheryl Heikkinen with the Stratton Rec Dept. and she said she forgot to request donations this year. She will send a request next year.
  5. The Stratton Eustis PTC is requesting our support for their annual Christmas Craft Fair. Last year we donated $200. A motion was made and seconded that we send $200 this year.

Membership/Treasurer Report

Membership this far is 158 (GREAT) last year at this time we had 148.

Will update Treasurer Report next month at our last meeting for this season. I will be filing for the clubs grant this coming week. I want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers for helping to keep our trails going.

Trail Master

August 21st I spoke with landowner of Quill Hill and we can ride that trail until this year is done. Next year we will not have permission. I will be making a new trail with permission of the landowner. I will talk about it at the next meeting.

August 22nd we had a club ride to Tea Pond Lodge, there were 20 machines and 37 members and guests. It was a fun and relaxing time, a great day.

August 28th Lee and Ray worked on mud holes and moved rocks on Natanis trail.

Sept 6th  I started putting up the new intersection numbers, 8 done, 20 to go.

September 7th   Worked and repaired the comment bridge on the Stratton trail near section 17.

September 8th   Rangeley Bridge is broken but it is possible to drive around it.

September 10th  The Yanmar excavator has been sold for $6,000.00. Purchasing Kubota Tractor/Backhoe this weekend. This came about by contacting members that are always at our regular meetings.

You are all invited to the annual Toy Ride on September 26 meeting at the Whistle Stop in Farmington.

There is also a Fall Foliage ride on October 4th in Roxbury.

See you at the final meeting on October 11th at 10:00