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postheadericon Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting Minutes – July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015,  18 guest and members were present.

Meeting was brought to order at 10:00a.m. By President Don Plante with the pledge allegiance.

Welcome all our Members and Guest.

Treasurer Report:  Elaine Marcoux

We made $617.00 on our food tables, memberships $170.00 Clothes/Maps $243.00 Lobster Raffle $650.00 50/50 Raffle $110.00.  Plus winner of 50/50 raffle Jeff Hamilton  donates $90.00 back to the club.  Bringing our total this year to $1880.00.   Last years were $1635.00.  Great Job to the ones that helped make this happen.

As for this month we took in $2900.00   Membership 640.00, Maps 396.00, Clothes 279.00, Donations 125.00, Food Stands 617.00 and Raffles 850.00.   Great Job to All.   We have paid out $875.00, ATV of Maine dues 270.00, Regis ATV 34.00, White Wolf Inn Hosting ATV Maine 324.00,  Trail gas, stamps, mailing plaque 249.00. The club’s account is doing very good so far with no major repairs or expenses at this time.

President’s Report:  Don Plante,

Thank you to the volunteers, members and merchants that supported us at Family Fun Day!

Congratulations to Dick Smith the winner of the Lobster Raffle and Jeff Hamilton on winner the 50/50 raffle.

It seems that the trail to Carrabassett is being worked on by the Huts & Trails organization. We are investigating it further because the Bigelow Preserve Charter says NO motorized vehicles on their trail.

A ride to Tim Pond Camps will be on Aug 8th Saturday, a hot lunch will be provided for $10.00.  Be at Eustis Parking lot at 9:00 ride will start at 9:15.  Or at Stratton Parking lot across from Flagstaff Fuel at 8:00 or at the top of the power line at 8:15.   Call Don Plante if you are planning on going no later than Aug 5th at 246-5946.

A ride to Tea Pond Lodge will be Aug 22 Saturday, a hot lunch will be provided for $10.00.  Be at Eustis Parking lot at 9:00 ride will start at 9:15.  Or at Stratton Parking lot across from Flagstaff Fuel at 8:00 or at the top of the power line at 8:15.  Call Don Plante if you are planning on going no later than the Aug 19th at 246-5946.

Landowners Picnic is Sept 12, (plan A) at Cathedral Pines, if a Rain day (plan B) will be at the Community Building in Stratton Main St. We will have a food signup sheet for the Landowners picnic at the Tim Pond ride, if you can’t make it please call Elaine at  229-2055 and she will add your name and item you will be bringing.

ATV Laws:  Children under 16 needs to wear helmets and complete a training course.  No one under 10 can operate an ATV.   Under 16 year of age can’t cross highways or ride on access roads. Adults must do it for them.

Vice President Report:  Sandi Isgro,

No Reports at this time.

Membership Report:  Elaine Marcoux,

We got 7 more new members, 2 are businesses, brings our total to 25 new members. So far this year we have 149 members. Last year we had 137 at this time.   Our 50/50 raffle winner was Carl Dahms. He donated his winnings to the Club.   Thank you.

Trail Master Report:  Joe Marcoux,

June 14, Carl, Joe G and I did signage and cut trees on the swamp and canyon loop.

June 15, Carl and I repaired and built a box culvert for the Stratton power line.

June 17, Joe G. and I did signage, reset culvert on the canyon loop.

June 19, Lee and I repaired boardwalk on the Natanis trail.

June 20, Lee cut trees and drained water holes on Natanis trail.

June 25, Dick, Don, and I posting signs on bridge and trail for closed for logging Tim Pass Loop.

June 28, I build a ramp for the beginning of the bridge on the Stratton power line.

June 29, Joe G, and I put the ramp in place and moved some rocks on the power line.

June 30, Joe G, and I did signage and filled in holes from wash out on the bridge.

July 2, Carl and I cut brushes and did signs on the Tim Pass Loop.

July 3, Bob, Sally, Lee, Carl, Elaine and I repaired boardwalk in the pines, did brushing on the Butler Brook Trial.

July 4, Carl, Jeff, Joyce, Elaine and I replace closed signed at section 16 for logging per landowners, someone cut and moved the tree and signs to go through a closed trail,  came back 2 hours later and it was down again and 4 wheelers  tore it apart again, so we replace it again.  Plus checked and cleared trails.

July 9, I went to Tim Pass Loop trail to meant with Forestry for that area.

July 10, Bob and I repaired holes in the Pines and Butler Brook boardwalks, replaced woods on boardwalk on Boneyard trail.

July 11, Carl and I extended ramp on RT 27 Carrabassett trail, repaired bridge on the Plum Creek road trail.

Spoke with Andy from Billion Pines. Don and I will be sent a contact next week to review and sign for the 2 mile stretch to continue our loop from Stratton to Quill Hill and short trail to Rangeley.

The Green Gate Rd Bridge is completed. The bridge that Dick built at the base of Tim Pass Mountain will be moved to the side and a temp metal bridge will be place there while making a road up the mountain for logging.  When Sam from Wagner calls me in the middle of August we will only be allowed to ride on WEEKENDS until logging is done until Nov.

When the logging company has too many ATV that don’t follow the signs and still go through during the week we could lose the trail COMPLETELY.  So please watch the signs at all TIME.  THANKS!

Excavator is broke waiting for parts.   We are checking on other opinions for another type excavator.

Next monthly meeting will be at Tim Pond Camps on Saturday, August 8th on our Club ride. Hope to see you all.