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postheadericon 1st Meeting of the 2015 Season scheduled for March 8th

Dear Flagstaff Area ATV Members,

The 1st meeting of our 15th season is just around the corner. We are excited and anxious to get things moving. Our cleanup will begin just as soon as mud season allows. We have always appreciated your help with trail work but we do realize that so many of you are far away. This is not a problem for us as it’s our pleasure to work in your behalf to create a beautiful and fun trail system. As you know, we are proud of our efforts and will continue to offer opportunities for all that love the sport of ATVing.

We are including an application for your convenience and we are asking you to consider rejoining the Flagstaff Area ATV Club. When you rejoin you will receive a membership card, sticker, trail map and membership in ATV Maine. I will be mailing out them the second week in May after we update our maps. Your support thru memberships and donations is the fuel that keeps us going. Please help to support the sport that you love. This year we are offering additional opportunities for membership. For the fourth year we are offering Associate Memberships. If you belong to another club as your Primary and is a member of the ATV of Maine we will offer you a Senior for $10.00 and an Individual for $15.00.

The Officers have decided to only send newsletters to members that request them. If you choose to go on the Website and read the newsletters this is the Wedsite: . Make sure to indicate your choice on the renewal form. Any questions about any club subjects please call Don Plante 207-246-5946 or Joe Marcoux 207-602-8166. Or email mail them. (See below addresses)

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:00a.m. with the exception of May (Mother Day ) the meeting are as follow:
March 8th, April 12th, May 17th, June 14th, July 12th, August 9th, Sept 13th, and Oct 11th.

2015 Club Officers:
President Donald Plante 207-246-5946
Vice President Sandi Isgro 207-246-2922
Treasurer Elaine Marcoux 207-229-2055
Trail Master Joe Marcoux 207-602-8166
Memberships Elaine Marcoux 207-229-2055

Board of Directors:
Phil Hill 207-562-4934 Bruce Marcoux 207-246-5874 Lee Morin 207-650-5796