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Flagstaff Area ATV Club Meeting

09/13/2014         62  members and guest were present and  7 landowners

Meeting was brought to order by President Don Plante  at Cathedral Pines Camp Ground Landowner’s Picnic

Presidents Report: Don Plante


  • Welcomed all landowners and members.  As always we appreciate what everyone one does for the club and our area.  Without you we wouldn’t have the trail system that we have.  You are the backbone of this recreational sport.  The club will always be at your disposal when needed.  Thank you
  • Toy Ride September 27 in Farmington. The ride is leaving the Whistle Stop at 10 am.
  • Roxbury Ride is October 4
  • Mt. Washington Weekend is September 21.  You can purchase tickets on the day of event at Mt. Washington Auto Road.  Drivers cost is $35 and passengers cost is $10.  For more information, you may contact NHATVcom

Vice President Report: Sandi Isgro

  • Moose Loop is looking for someone to be a liason between all 7 clubs.  The need to be able to ride the loop several times during the season. Also put up signs and contact club trail masters and presidents to report problems.  Please contact Sandi if interested at 246-2922.
  • We have had a lot of riders riding the Moose Loop and enjoying our area.  All maps were sold.  The Moose Loop website had over 5000 visitors.  A great season and I thank you all.
  • We will be taking orders on our new clothes line at our last meeting on October 12.
  • We are looking for someone to become our Secretary for the club.  Please contact Don Plante and elections will be held in October.
  • Winner of the club Raffle is Joyce Hamilton.

Treasurer & Membership Report: Elaine Marcoux

  • We got $140 from map sales and $60 from membership dues.
  • We paid our ATV Maine Insurance for $550.
  • Sent our donation in on the Natanis Ride for the Kid’s benefit ride.
  • We are doing fine for this time of the year.
  • We have 18 new members so far this year.  We have 15 old 2012 members that have rejoined.  Thank you 2012 members and 30 members that have not rejoined at this time.
  • We have 31 business members.  We have 6 new members and 4 that have not renewed.
  • Last year at this time we had 144 members and now we have 148 this year.  Thank you members.
  • Thank you to all the ATV members that made the Landowner’s Picnic a wonderful day.

Trail Master Report :  Joe Marcoux

  • The excavator repair bill was only $350 instead of $1300 plus.
  • Sawyer Brook and Tea Pond Trails are now closed per Landowners.
  • Aug. 22 – Bob, Carl, Don and I built a new bridge on the trail to Carrabassett Trail to Rt. 27.
  • Aug. 30 – Carl and I picked up all the old lumber and brought it to the Transfer Station.
  • Sept. 1 –  Don and I repaired the bridge in Stratton by Rt. 16.
  • Sept. 12 – Carl and I fixed a hole on the Butler Brook Trail.